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Anbu Coverall has more than 10 years of experience in the production of industrial uniform, school uniform, medical uniform, military uniform, chef uniform etc, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, and excellent service to our customers. We have more than 200 workers production line which enable us to meet both small orders and large orders.

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Industry Safety Coverall Uniform

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Military Uniform

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Medical Scrubs Uniform

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work wear factory uniform

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How We Produce

coverall fabric

Purchase Fabric from our supplier

For client each order we will purchase new fabric according to order requirements. so it will 100% meet client fabric quality request. it need about 15-20 days for fabric supplier done the fabric we need.

coverall fabric

Dying the color as client's order

We have not stock for each color of fabric. for each order fabric color need new dyeing on dye factory. so the fabric color can 100% meet the client's requirements. it need about 10-15 days done fabric color dying.

uniform manufacturer

Begin mass production on factory

We will design the coverall style basis on your photos or real sample. after fabric reach to our factory then we will begin to the mass production. it need about 10-15 days done the production.

workwear packing

Quality check and packing, delivery

After goods done, Our QC workers will arrange quality checking, carefully packing as client's request. all no problem then we will arrange ship booking for goods and delivery goods to nearly sea port.

Client's Testimonials

"It is nearly 6 years for we cooperate with Anbu Safety, each order is delivery on time for my sales plan.we care not just goods quality but also good delivery for each order ."
export manager
Adam Sendler
Export manager
"It is really very good quality for each piece safety coveralls, for mass production quality keep same with sample i received.we buy the FR coverall for our own people using"
uniform manufacturer
Ráe Deneen
"It is lucky that i find this coverall manufacturer on google search, we cooperated many years and become good friend with them, you will not regret to choose them as supplier,"
uniform manufacturer
Dawn Hyde
General Manager

Your Order Process

Send us your requirement

Send us your requirement and style photos.

Confirm order details

Our sales will confirm the order details with you within one day.

Arrange sample order

We do sample order with your own design, color and size to check. Sample lead time is about 7 days.

Mass production

The production time is 45 days after the sample or printing proofs confirmed.

Quality Check and Shipment

We do quality & quantity check before the packaging then arrange delivery by sea.

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The Ultimate Guide for Uniform

The Ultimate Guide of industry unifrom type, function, standard and feature.

Your Best Uniform Suppliers in China

Anbu uniform is one leading industrial uniform manufacturer that produces a variety of uniform.  including industry uniform, school uniform, medical uniform, chef uniform, nursing uniform, office uniform, chef coat, lab coat… etc.

For our factory have more than 200 workers, we can produce your order in short delivery time. so we can help you develop new market in short time.

We have CE EN certificate for Europe market and UL certificate for USA market.  it can give you quality uniform promise. our experienced team is committed to continuously provide customers with higher quality, faster delivery, and better service.

High efficiency is our constant pursuit. fast response, quickly production, fast order delivery, and professional after-sales make us enjoy a good reputation among our clients.

Send your uniform inquiry to us get fast quote now!

The Ultimate Guide to The Uniform

uniform is a type of clothing. People who belong to any organization wear a uniform according to their rules. Uniform is an identity of any person or profession.

It keeps you unique among other people. You cannot wear a uniform in any department without having legal rights. For example, police and army departments are most sensitive.

This ultimate FAQ will guide you about the uniform and manufacturers of uniform.

1. What is Uniform?

A uniform is a complete formal dress of code. Uniform is a clear identity of any person who belongs to any type of organization. A uniform is designed according to the needs of the profession. Every department has a unique uniform.

Some uniform’s rights are protected, for example, police and army. Uniforms not only keep you unique but also improve brand awareness to the general public.

Purpose of Uniform:

●     It gives a professional image to your staff.

●     It gives confidence and trust.

●     It provides the safety and security of working staff.

●     Works as an effective marketing tool for any organization.

2. What are the types of uniform?

workwear type

There are many types of Uniforms. Every Uniform belongs to a different profession. These uniforms are designed to see the organization’s requirements. Let’s discuss the most important types of uniforms.

School Uniform:
School Uniform is designed to identify the student at school. School uniform colors and designs vary from school to school. A school logo is printed or attached to uniforms to avoid confusion. A school uniform teaches students to dress smartly. While wearing a uniform, students feel pride in their appearance. A school uniform is further divided into other sections. For example:


●     Pre-school.

●     Primary

●     secondary.

In some schools, the above-mentioned categories wear different colors. These colors identify their sections.

Industrial Uniform:

Industrial Uniform is one of the types of workwear. Industrial uniforms are designed with short and long sleeve work. I also include shirts and long pants. The shirts are made up of woven material. This material is long-lasting and comfortable. There are some industrial uniforms that are made up of Touchflex technology. This fabric is comfortable to wear and durable.

In industries, it is essential to wear uniforms. This Uniform provides you safety from risk and dangerous places. The industrial uniforms are ideal for the following sites.

●     Construction.

●     Factories.

●     Power supply.

There are many types of industrial uniforms given below:

●     Shirts

●     Executive wear

●     Pants and shorts

●     Outwears

●     Coats

Office uniform:
Office uniforms are also called corporate or business uniforms. The office uniform is based on the following terms:

●     Formal shirts

●     Dress pants

●     Tie

●     Highly polished shoes.

Office uniform is the central identity of any organization. It not only makes the employee sophisticated but also promotes the business. In some offices, a uniform logo is attached to shirts for brand awareness.

Medical/hospital uniform

Medical/Hospital Uniforms are also called scrubs. These uniforms are basically sanitary clothing. All hospital staff is wearing different types of scrubs/uniforms according to their designation.

These scrubs are easy to launder and cheap to replace if damaged. It comes in many colors. These colors identify the staff with their duty places. There are many types of medical uniforms/scrubs, which are given below:

●      Surgical scrubs

●      Nursing scrubs

●      Veterinary scrubs

●      Maternity scrubs.

Military Uniform:

Military Uniform is also called a combat uniform, battle dress, or military fatigue. A military Uniform is a special uniform worn by armed forces and paramilitaries. Every army forces around the world to wear a special uniform. Their uniforms are the identity of their country.

 The fabric of the military Uniform was heavy cotton twill. But now it comes with synthetic fiber. The result of synthetic fiber is more robust fabric without increasing weight. Nylon and cotton blends are now common in military uniforms.

There are many types of military uniforms. These are given below:

●      Army/Air Force

●      Marine Corps

●      Navy

●      Air force

●      Coast Guard.

Chef Uniform:

A chef’s Uniform is a professional uniform in the western world. A chef must wear the correct protective clothing while preparing meals. Chef’s uniform design is unique, and their standard color is white.

There are many parts of chef uniforms given below:

●     Long White hat

●     Jacket

●     Pockets

●     Side Towel

●      Apron

●     Trousers

●     The Shoes

●    Neckerchief

Housekeeping Uniform:

Housekeeping uniforms include dresses, shirts, pants, vests, and aprons, etc.
People who are working in hotels or in houses wear this Uniform. They mostly come in blue color. A clean and hygienic look makes the Housekeeper more professional.

3.Why is it necessary to wear uniform in the workplace?

Uniforms play an important role in any organization around the world. There are many advantages to wearing a uniform in the workplace. Let’s discuss them one by one. The employees also get rid of spending unique formal clothes for office purposes. With the help of uniforms, employees can save both time and money

Some of the purposes of imposing uniforms in companies are

●     Identity

●     Brand awareness

●     Professional appearance

●     Equality

●     Teamwork.

●     Protection.


A uniform is the main identity of any organization. It enhances the sense of belonging with any company. It also raises a feeling of sincerity and trust from the employee toward the organization.

Brand Awareness:

A uniform is one of the useful marketing tools for any company. A printed logo on the front or back of the shirt is a symbol of the company. It gives exposure and publicity. It raises brand retention in people’s minds. Uniform creates brand awareness to the general public and promotes your company.

Professional appearance:

Uniforms are the most important asset of organizations. It gives the employee a more professional look and executive look. It gives a relaxing impression to the customer that he/she is in the right place. Uniforms show how disciplined the company is towards their employees.


As the name shows, “equality”  means remain the same throughout. Uniform is a great way to remove discrimination in an organization. It removes the sense of whether you are rich or poor. It improves unity and gives you equal rights to an organization.

Team Work:

Wearing the same Uniform at the same place keeps you boosted up for teamwork. When there is no discrimination regarding status, it will keep you high in trust. It increases the level of working together and remains the same throughout. These things increase the productivity of any company.



A uniform is an excellent protection for an employee who belongs to any organization. In some sites where the risk factor is high, like industrial work. A safety uniform protects you from dangerous sites.

4.What materials for manufacturers use for uniform?

coverall fabric

Manufacturers use the following types of fabrics in manufacturing uniforms for various departments.

It is commonly used to make school uniforms and ladies jackets in military uniforms. It is long-lasting, and you can dye to make a customized uniform.

It is another type of fabric for uniforms. It is stretchable and cheap compared to other fabrics. Clothes of viscose can shrink and wrinkle easily.

Cotton is a luxurious fabric suitable in summer. It is a breathable fabric. Good for those who work near fire or in hot weather.

Wool is generally a soft, smooth, and warm type of fabric. It provides warmth and comfort. It will be a right choice for uniforms, especially during cold weather.

Bio Finishing
Bio finishing is a technique to change the fabric. This type of fabric is appropriate to repel oil and dirt.

Nylon is the fabric manufacturers using from very early times. The majority of customers prefer nylon. It can cause allergy to sensitive skin. Other than that is good fabric.

5. What are the standards for uniform?

Standards are set by different states to track the quality of products. The products which manufacturers introduce in markets go through various processes.  All the testing and standard procedures they follow are to ensure quality products.

Industrial Uniforms
Workers in industrial areas should wear uniforms. It should be according to the following standards.

 ISO 11611:2015

This type of protective clothing is to protect the wearer from spattering.

ISO 11612:2015

This standard tells us about how to protect clothing against heat and flame (splashes).

NFPA 2112

This standard is for flame-resistant garments and fabrics.

IEC 61482-1-2 Ed. 2.0 b:2014

It is for the possibility of an electric arc in the heat and flame resistant protective clothing.

ASTM F1731-96(2013)

It is for sizing and measurement information. It is for protective clothing for thermal hazards and fire department uniforms.


Chef Uniform


The Uniform of the chef provides maximum protection from heat and boiling liquids.

ISO 14116:2015

It’s about protecting clothes against minimal flame. It also protects clothing to reduce the possibility of burning.

Medical Uniform

ISO 13688:2013


This standard tells us about the general requirements of protective clothes.

6. How to find uniform manufacturer from China?

There are many ways to find the best Uniform manufacturer from china. Some ways are listed below:

Local Trade Show

Trade shows are also called trade fairs. It is an exhibition where well-reputed manufacturers showcase their products. They show their services in such an attractive way to grab the attention of buyers. Here you can meet the manufacturer face to face.

Online trading companies:

There are many online trading sites available. Here we are recommending the two best-trading sites, which are: Alibaba and made in china. These sites provide you full details regarding manufacturers. These details are as under:

●     Availability

●     Customer support.

●     Shipment process.

●     Return policy

●     Payment method.

●     Ready to provide a sample.

●     Delivery time.

Here we recommend you to choose the best 3 manufacturer’s suppliers. You should test their products and measure the quality test. After the test, finalized the best manufacturer.

Social media channels:

Through Social media channels, you can also find good Uniform manufacture. LinkedIn and Facebook are the most appropriate way to find the right manufacturer. You just need to scrap their data and contact them through this network.

Physically Visit Factory


The best way to visit factories physically of many companies to find the right manufacturer shortly.  In this way, you can check the authenticity and reliability of manufacturers and their products. It is the right way to inspect the product you are going to buy shortly. It will increase your confidence and trust towards a manufacturer.

7. Top 5 uniform manufacturer in China.

This list of the 5 top uniform manufacturers will assist you in the best possible way. This list provides you elaborated details of manufacturing companies. From the information about the products to the certificate, everything is on the list.

China provides fine quality clothes and sells around the world. The detail of the top 5 uniform manufacturers are below:

  1. Zhengzhou Anbu Safety Industrial Co., Ltd
  2. Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd.
  3. Ningbo Ever-Echo Trading Co., Ltd
  4. Quanzhou Xinli Garments Co., Ltd
  5. Bei Yalida Garments Co., Ltd.


1-Zhengzhou Anbu Safety Industrial Co., Ltd.

This company is functional since 2008 and exporting their products since 2008. It is one of the best companies. It produces different kinds of working uniforms and medical protective clothing.

Currently, 200 workers work in the company. Armed forces and scrubs departments are getting dresses from this company.

Main products:

● industrial coverall

● work suits

● Bib overall

● Scrubs

● Lab coats

● Chef coats

● Disposable coverall


●     ISO9001: 2015

●     EN11612

●     NFPA2112

Add: No.10 Hanghai Road, Zhengzhou 450000, China

2-Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd.

This company is working for 19 years. Almost 723 employees are part of this company. They made multiple products on customer demand.

They establish a long-term relationship with their clients. They provide 100% quality products since the establishment of the company.

Main products:

●     Hat

●    Military Uniform

●     Police uniform

●     Pants

●     Overcoat

●     Business Suits



●     ISO9001:2015

●     ISO14001:2015

●     OHSAS18001:2007

Address: Jiangsu, China.

3- Ningbo Ever-Echo Trading Co., Ltd

This company is providing sportswear and other accessories since the establishment. This company is manufacturing since 1986.

They provide you the professional suggestion about fiber, printing, and manufacturing.

Main products:

●     Sportswear

●     Yoga and fitness clothes

●     Racing clothing

●     Uniform

●     Kidswear new design

●     Pit shirts



●   ISO 9001

●   ISO 14001

●   BSCI

Address: Zhejiang, China.

4- Quanzhou Xinli Garments Co., Ltd

Since 1999, this company is providing service to many domestic companies. They provide fine quality products so that they can gain the trust of clients. They are also working with ADIDAS and PEPSI.

Main Products:

●     Jacket

●     T-shirt

●     Workwear



●     ISO 9000

●     ISO 14001

●     BSCI

Address: Fujian, China

5- Bei Yalida Garments Co., Ltd.

This company is trying to get in to win the race to compete with the other companies since 2016.

This company is connecting to enterprises all over the world. They are famous for forming interpersonal relationships with their clients.

Main products:

●     Military apparel

●     Army combat Uniform

●     Battledress uniform

●     Flog suits

●     Tactical suits



●     ISO 9001

●     BSCI

Address: Hubei, China, City province:  Xiaogan, Hubei

coverall factory

8. How to differentiate good Uniform manufacturers from other?

Good manufacturers are always supportive of their clients. They help you with all your detail queries. Manufacturers can build good business relations with clients with the following suggestions.

Business Magazines:

Business magazines also play a prime role in featuring the best manufacturers. They publish weekly, fortnight, or monthly magazines on business developments. In this, they provide the list of the best manufacturers and their work.



Good uniform manufacturers also strategize everything. They have their particular policies and work according to those policies. Before taking any decisive initiative, they will clearly tell you those policies.


The people in the uniform manufacturing profession should have knowledge about their business. They must make themselves qualified for running their business. Ample knowledge and expertise make them capable of a career in manufacturing occupation.

9. How to import uniform from China?

Sometimes a few items you want to import from China need authorization. You can get that stuff only from state-owned companies.

The stuff which is also scarce in quantity needs authorization from higher authorities. Besides that, almost everything, including uniforms of various departments, is available.

All you need is two reliable and trustworthy people; manufacturer and supplier. Once you have good business relations with them, you don’t have to worry about anything.

The manufacturer will produce quality uniforms for you. The supplier will take care of clearance to shipment of your order. You will get your order very conveniently.


In this ultimate guide, we have focused on every perspective related to the Uniform. This guide will assist you at every stage of purchasing uniforms. This guide will also help you to find the best manufacturers for uniforms in China.

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