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Our company  has more than 10 years of experience in the production of hospital and medical scrubs, industrial workwear, boiler suits, FR coverall etc, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, fast turnaround time and excellent service to our customers. We have more than 200 workers production line which enable us to meet both small orders and large orders.

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How We Produce

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Purchase Fabric from our supplier

For client each order we will purchase new fabric according to order requirements. so it will 100% meet client fabric quality request. it need about 15-20 days for fabric supplier done the fabric we need.

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Dying the color as client's order

We have not stock for each color of fabric. for each order fabric color need new dyeing on dye factory. so the fabric color can 100% meet the client's requirements. it need about 10-15 days done fabric color dying.

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Begin mass production on factory

We will design the coverall style basis on your photos or real sample. after fabric reach to our factory then we will begin to the mass production. it need about 10-15 days done the production.

workwear packing

Quality check and packing, delivery

After goods done, Our QC workers will arrange quality checking, carefully packing as client's request. all no problem then we will arrange ship booking for goods and delivery goods to nearly sea port.

Client's Testimonials

"It is nearly 6 years for we cooperate with Anbu Safety, each order is delivery on time for my sales plan.we care not just goods quality but also good delivery for each order ."
export manager
Adam Sendler
Export manager
"It is really very good quality for each piece safety coveralls, for mass production quality keep same with sample i received.we buy the FR coverall for our own people using"
scrubs manufacturer
Ráe Deneen
"It is lucky that i find this coverall manufacturer on google search, we cooperated many years and become good friend with them, you will not regret to choose them as supplier,"
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Dawn Hyde
General Manager

Your Order Process

Send us your requirement

Send us your requirement and style photos.

Confirm order details

Our sales will confirm the order details with you within one day.

Arrange sample order

We do sample order with your own design, color and size to check. Sample lead time is about 7 days.

Mass production

The production time is 35 days after the sample or printing proofs confirmed.

Quality Check and Shipment

We do quality & quantity check before the packaging then arrange delivery by sea.

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The Ultimate Guide for Scrubs

The Ultimate Guide of medical scrubs, nursing scrubs type, function, standard and feature.

Your Best Medical Scrubs Supplier in China

Scrubs are the type of workwear. The professional staff in the hospital wear scrubs. Earlier, only the staff in the operation theater used to wear scrubs. White color was the color of scrubs, as white represents cleanliness.
Now the staff, even outside the operation theater, also wear scrubs. They are in so many color options. You can even customize scrubs according to your hospital requirements.
The purpose of scrubs is to provide you safety against contamination.

Anbu coverall is one leading medical scrubs manufacturer that produces a variety of medical scrubs,  including hospital scrubs, medical scrubs, white lab coats, nurse scrubs, white doctor coats,  different medical uniform, chef coat… etc.

Our factory have more than 200 workers, we can produce your order in short delivery time. so we can help you develop new market in short time.

We have CE EN certificate for Europe market and UL certificate for USA market.  it can give you quality scrubs promise. our experienced team is committed to continuously provide customers with higher quality, faster delivery, and better service.

High efficiency is our constant pursuit. fast response, quickly production, fast order delivery, and professional after-sales make us enjoy a good reputation among our clients.

Send your scrubs inquiry to us get fast quote now!

The Ultimate Guide to Scrubs Manufacturer

What are scrubs?

Scrubs are sanitary clothing. Scrubs are initially designed for surgeons and other operating room personnel. Scrubs are basically a protective garment. Doctors, nurses, and others in the operating room are wearing scrubs. It comes in different colors. These colors are used to distinguish the staff in duty places.
In the beginning, the scrub was originally a gown. With time now, it includes shirts and pants with pockets. These pockets are used to keep medical instruments. All patient care personnel at the hospital wear some form of scrubs while on their duty places. In Uk, it is also called the theatre blue.
Scrubs have simplified, minimizing the places for contaminants to hide. These scrubs are easy to launder and replace if damaged or stained.
Scrubs use has extended now they are using outside the hospital. Now scrubs are used in such an environment, where clothing may come into contact with infectious agents. For example, Midwives and veterinarians.
type of scrubs

What are the types of scrubs?

The market is full of different types of scrubs. There are 05 types of medical scrubs that you can easily buy online as well. Choosing the right scrubs, according to the profession, is most important.
Here we are going to describe the 05 types of medical scrubs that are available in the market.
You may also check the video:

Surgical scrubs:
Surgical scrubs are designed for surgeons and other operating room personnel. These scrubs are sterile and disposable. Surgeons have to be in contact with the fluid and other chemicals during the procedure. These scrubs are comfortable and loose to work freely and effectively.

Surgical Scrubs include the following safety items which are as under.
 ● Surgical Mask
● Surgical Clogs
● Pullover clothing etc.

Nursing scrubs:

Nursing Scrubs are further divided into two types which are as under:
Male Nursing Scrubs: Male nursing scrubs are unique. The scrubs feature of male nursing include form-fitting shape, masculine styling, and coloring. Men can buy these scrubs in different colors according to their coworkers or stand out.
Female Nursing: These scrubs are different as compared to other scrubs. They are unique in styling, roomy pockets, and shapes. These features enhance the personality of nurses. They are comfortable for long shifts.

Maternity Scrubs:
Maternity scrubs are specially designed for women who are expecting a delivery. These scrubs are available in the market in light colors. These colors are light yellow, orange, and pink, etc.

These scrubs are a perfect choice for an expectant mother. They will feel comfortable and look sophisticated.

Veterinary Scrubs:
These scrubs are designed for professionals. These scrubs are suitable for those who work with furry and scaly patients. Veterinary scrubs are unique and the best choice to wear on a daily basis. These scrubs are stain proof and long-lasting. After wearing these scrubs, you can stand the rigors of the intense animal care workplace.

Lab Coats
These coats are long-sleeved white coats. These are manufactured from fluid, stain-repellent, and breathable fabric. These lab coats are designed for doctors and health professionals. These coats not only keep you unique in public but also make you look professional.

Why is it necessary to wear scrubs at hospitals?

Scrubs are the most comfortable wear for health professionals at their duty places. They have multiple advantages to wear scrubs.

Comfortable Clothes:

Scrubs are comfortable to wear in the hospital. These scrubs keep your body peaceful in long duty hours. There are a variety of designs available in scrubs. These are also available in multiple colors. The aim of scrubs is to provide maximum comfort. Scrubs allow you to work freely without any constraints.


Scrubs are unique to identify each health professional. In hospitals, You can easily identify the health professionals due to their scrubs. The colors and shapes are different to distinguish the profession.


In the hospital, Health personnel is mainly in contact with harmful contaminants. Scrubs are beneficial to protect them from Harmful Contaminants. Scrubs manufacturers produce scrubs to provide you maximum protection. These scrubs protect you against bacteria and other harmful fluids.

Patient Comfort:

In the past white color uniforms presented an air of intimidation. These white uniforms made patients uncomfortable. The different attractive colors not only attract patients. But also keep you looking fresh. The different attractive colors not only attract patients. But also keep you looking fresh and sophisticated.

Easy to Clean:

Scrubs are manufactured in such a way that dust resistant. After utilizing the scrubs are easy to clean. They are laundered with sterilization and keep you protected against harmful bacteria.


Which materials use in manufacturing scrubs?

Whenever you choose to wear scrubs, you search for comfortable ones. Other than protection, it gives you professional looks. To maintain a professional look, you need scrubs according to your requirements.

Manufacturers use different types of fabric and their blend to make scrubs.
The most common types of fabric for scrubs are

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Blended
  • Rayon
  • Spandex

Cotton fabrics are famous for scrubs. It is soft and tender. People usually like this type of fabric because it is breathable. Due to this, people can wear this type all year. It is easy to wash, but it can shrink with a few washes.

It secures the second position in popularity. Its texture is not as soft as cotton fabric. It doesn’t shrink or wrinkle, so people choose this one.

The blend of polyester and cotton makes scrubs ideal for most people. It will be the wrinkle and shrink resistant and breathable at the same time. Although not breathable like cotton but still it will be a great blend.

It is a semi-natural type of fabric. The mixture of wood pulp and additional chemicals make rayon.It looks and feels like silk and cotton. It can get shrunk with time and is not long-lasting.

Spandex is wrinkle and shrinks resistant. It is durable, but it has a rough texture. Makers blend it with cotton to give it a smoother texture. Manufacturers of garments also make a blend of polyester and spandex.

scrubs fabric

What are the standards of scrubs?

The standards for scrubs are as follows:

Association of Surgical Technologies (AST)
The AST has some standards for surgical attire and scrubs. Where the staff should wear and how to wear this attire?

Standard of practice I
The staff and the faculty of the surgery department should wear surgical attire. It includes (head caps, gloves, scrubs, masks, and shoe covers). They should wear these attires in restricted and semi-restricted areas.

Standard of Practice II
The sterile surgical team must perform the surgical scrubs. They should do for donning the surgical gowns. It reduces the number of microbes and slows their growth.

Standard of Practice III
The team must do pre-scrub activities. They should do it when they are preparing to perform scrubs. The fingernails should be clean, and they should not use artificial nails. These are three basic standards for medical scrubs.

It is also about the scrubbing process before the surgery. It maintains the hygiene of the users. The above-mentioned point can protect the wearer from contamination.

EN ISO 13688: 2013
This standard is for the general requirements for protective clothing. Although these are requirements, it works with other standards combined.

Other than these, there are no particular standards for scrubs. All you have to do is take care of your uniform. Always wash after using it in surgical areas. Try to use loosely fitted scrubs to remain comfortable.

How to find the best scrubs manufacturer from China?

You can look for manufacturers online and using other sources offline. Here is the list to find out the best manufacturer in China.

Reference can be a good option, especially for local customers. You can ask your friends and contacts for suggestions. It is the most reliable source of information.

Google is the best search engine with maximum results from the world. Some manufacturers may not use new methods or update websites. So search at least two pages of Google. Change the words from manufacturers of scrubs to other words.

For example, wholesale sale, wholesaler of scrubs, trader of scrubs, and supplier. In this way, you get more refined answers.

Online B2B Platform Website
Online B2B platform website or directories are a renowned method to search for manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers. Find according to your feasibility and requirements on Alibaba and Made-in-China.

Foreign Trade Shows
Chinese manufacturers also take part in foreign trade shows. So visit trade shows if any country other than China, suitable for you. Every year a lot of countries held trade fairs. It is a genuine way to find the best manufacturers. Only successful and authentic manufacturers attend foreign trade shows. So it will be a secure method to initiate business.

Top 5 medical scrubs manufacturers in China.

coverall factory

we have search 5 top scrub manufacturers in China. This list is about the experience and reviews of the customers. You can also search top manufacturers from B2B channels. On the websites of Alibaba and Made-in-China, you will only find verified manufacturers. The below-mentioned list is of the top 5 scrubs manufacturers.

  1. Anbu Safety Industrial Co. Ltd
  2. Guangzhou Bo Shi (group) Apparel Co. Ltd
  3. Shandong Shengrun Textile Co. Ltd
  4. Xiangcheng Songxin Garment Co. Ltd
  5. Hubei Haixin Protective Products Group Co. Ltd
  1. Anbu Safety Industrial Co. Ltd

It is a manufacturing company with more than 200 workers. There are high-speed sewing machines. This company is operational since 2008 and making uniforms since then. The central overseas market of this company is North and South America.

Main Products

Their main products are

  • Work uniforms
  • Doctors uniform
  • Nurses uniform
  • School uniforms
  • Chefs uniform


No. 10 Hanghai Road, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou 450000, China

  1. Guangzhou BoShi (group) Apparel Co., Ltd

The company established in 1998 is an expert in making workwear. They export their high-quality products in more than 20 countries and regions. This company has almost 400 employees with years of experience.

They carry out all necessary quality control. Bo Shi and Paton are the two brands of this company, and both provide the best services.

Main Products

  • Medical Uniform
  • Hotel Uniform
  • Security Uniform
  • School Uniforms
  • Formal Suits

ISO9001-2000 international quality management system

B2 building, Tangxi industry park, Yingbin Road, Guangzhou, China

  1. Shandong Shengrun Textile Co. Ltd

Shandong Shengrun Textile is working with the experience of 20 years. It has a vast worldwide market. They also have formed a complete industry chain. Almost 1000 people are currently working in this company. They have a response time of fewer than 24 hours.

Main Products

  • Hospital Uniform
  • Fabrics
  • Cushion Covers
  • Table Cloths
  • Acrylic Yarn


ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Management System
ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System


Head Office: 9ht Floor, Hui Ji Business Tower, Ren Cheng District, Ji Ning, Shandong, China

  1. Xiangcheng Songxin Garment Co. Ltd

This company is manufacturing medical uniform since 2003. They have 50 production lines with 1000 specialized equipment. This company performs the quality test at every stage. This trait makes their customers satisfied.

Main Products

  • Hospital Uniform
  • Workwear
  • School Uniform
  • Hotel Uniform

ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
Supplier Assessment Certificate

Industrial Zone, Dongfang Avenue, Xiangcheng, Henan, China

5.    Hubei Haixin Protective Products Group Co. Ltd

This leading manufacturing company is trading non-woven and disposable health care products. It has more than 1050 employees working in different units.

They use various types of material in production. Its overseas market is mainly in Western Europe and North America.

Main Products

  • Scrub Suits
  • Gloves
  • Shoes Cover
  • Masks
  • Bed Covers

ISO 13485
CE Certificate
FDA Registered

Room 916/917/918, Floor 9, International Finance Center, No.296, Xinhua Road, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

How to differentiate good manufacturer from other manufacturers?

A good manufacturer of scrubs can be your best business partner in the future. It is a viable task if you follow these steps:

Small Businesses
A good manufacturer always gives opportunities to small businesses as well. It is one of the well-appreciated characteristics. Giving a chance to such customers has potential. It helps in the growth of a manufacturer’s business as well.

Negotiation is the plus point of a good manufacturer. He always gives you a margin. He is ready to negotiate whether it’s the price or minimum order quantity. They will listen and respect your point of view.

Return Policy/ Exchange Policy
A good manufacturer must have a return policy. It is not necessary that the customer is going to return you every time. Sometimes defective products should be part of the return or exchange policy.

Not a Single Return
It is a sign of the best manufacturer. Not even once in their history, any customer returns his order. This type of trust customers always finds in the manufacturer.

Social Responsibility
The manufacturer knows all his social responsibilities. He must comply with all the ethical and legal rules set in society. He should not all take care of his customers but his staff as well.

How to import scrubs from China?

China is a significant hub spot to provide PPE(Personal Protective equipment) all over the world. Suppose you are planning to import Scrubs from china. You should follow the below-mentioned step to achieve your google.

  • Web surfing: The first step is to find the best supplier through google or web surfing. Benchmarks the best three suppliers. Check their business profile and reviews related to their products.
  • Ask for Sample: You should ask them for a sample of scrubs. Tell them you will buy more if they fulfill your requirement.
  • Quality Checks: Must notice the delivery time and Scrubs Quality. Check the fabric and other quality tests.
  • Choose the best supplier: After quality checks, choose the best manufacturer among 3.
  • Discuss the requirement: Discuss the business requirement and set out the deal.
  • Payment verification: Verify the shipment and payment process and start your working.


In this guide, we have provided all possible knowledge related to scrubs and their manufacturer. This information clears all your confusion. It will help you throughout to purchase the right scrubs from the right medical scrubs manufacturer.

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