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The Ultimate Guide for Nomex Coverall

The Ultimate Guide of nomex coverall type, function, standard and feature.

The Ultimate Guide to The Nomex Coverall

Nomex’s coveralls are one of the types of coveralls used by professionals. It is chemical, fire, and electrical resistant. Nomex is the original product of the DuPont company.

Many safety garments manufacturing companies use it. The Nomex coveralls are best for your protection.

1. What is nomex coverall?

Nomex is a heat -and flame-resistant meta-aramid fiber. It is manufactured with monomers m-phenylenediamine and isophthalic chloride. Nomex is widely used in multiple ranges of safety applications.

 Nomex coverall is a safety fabric. The Nomex coverall comes with a high safety collar with a throat guard. It provides you safety for industrial flash fire and electrical incidents. The fibers of Nomex coverall will not burn, drip, or melt. 

There are many key features of Nomex coveralls are as under:

Protection: Nomex coverall provides you ultra protection at your job place. It keeps you secure where the risk factor is high.

Durable: Nomex Coverall is long-lasting. They come with a five-year warranty. 

Easy to launder: They are easy to launder or dry clean. You can wear the same coverall at least 125 times. It will not compromise the quality. After wash, it will not harm the protection feature and shape.

Stable: These coveralls are able to stabilize thermal stability. These coveralls come with dielectric strength.

Heat absorb: Nomex  fabric can absorbs temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit (370 degrees Celsius).

2. What is the difference between Nomex coverall and usual FR coverall?

anti static coverall

Nomex coverall is one of the types of FR Coverall. Nomex is a special fabric from Dupont. There are two major types of FR-clothing, which are given below:

●     Flame-resistant

●     Flame-retardant


Nomex coveralls are one type of flame resistant. These coveralls are flameproof.  Flame resistant clothing is manufactured from inherently resistant to catching on fire. It will choke the fire, causing it to extinguish. They are designed to protect you from the spread of fire. Flame resistant clothing is used to manufacture uniforms. Electricians, foundry workers, Refinery workers, and other workers wear it on a daily basis. 

The material used in Flame resistant is  given below:

  1. Leather
  2. Gypsum Boards
  3. Coated Nylon
  4. Concrete
  5. Glass
  6. Cement
  7. Carbon Foam
  8. Wool


It is a chemical substance. It is used to add material during the manufacture of a product—the purpose of adding this substance to slow catching fire and down combustion.

The material used in Flame-retardant is given below:

●     Perlite boards.

●     Corriboard.

●     Calcium silicate.

●     Sodium silicate.

●     Mineral wool.

●     Gypsum boards.

●     Asbestos cement.

●     Potassium silicate.

For more details, visit this video:

3.Where can you use Nomex coveralls?

Nomex coveralls are act as barrier to heat. Many professional wear nomex coveralls for protection. Some of them are listed below:
  •         Fire Fighter
  •         Astronauts
  •         Military personnel.
  •         Race-car driver
  •         Industrial personnel. 

4.How are companies manufacturing Nomex coveralls?

The manufacturing process of Nomex coveralls is similar to the other coveralls. The notable difference comes with the type of fabric. Manufacturers use artificially made fiber to make Nomex.

Makers produce Nomex by using condensation reaction. They use monomers of m-phenylenediamine and isophthaloyl chloride for the chemical reaction.

After that, they spin the polymers in the spinning machine. The machine turns it into the solid fiber.

It depends on the needs of the manufacturers how they use this. They can turn it into fabrics, paper, or sheets.

Nomex coverall manufacturers use this meta-aramid fiber as it is heat resistant. 

5.What are the standards for Nomex coveralls?

They are developed to check the quality, durability, sizes, and comfort of any product. Here we are going to discuss some special standards regarding Nomex coveralls. These standards are developed by an international organization of standardizations (ISO)

ISO 13506-1:2017 :

This Standard is developed for Protective Clothing against Heat and Flame.

Part 1: It is a test method for complete garments. Measurement of transferred energy using an instrumented manikin

ISO 13506-2:2017

This Standard is developed Protective Clothing against Heat and Flame.

Part 2: Skin burn injury prediction. Calculation requirements and test cases

NFPA 1977:

This Standard is developed to establish the requirement for protective clothing. It ensures the protection of personnel performing wildland firefighting operations.

CGSB 155.20:

This is the Canadian equivalent of NFPA 2112. It establishes performance requirements and test methods for FR workwear. For protection against hydrocarbon flash fires.

NFPA 2112:

Standard on FR Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel. Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures from Fire

6. How to find manufacturers of Nomex coveralls?

Trade shows are the places you can find out the Nomex coverall manufacturers. A factory visit gives you a chance of understanding the manufacturing process.

Every businessman should visit factories or trade shows.

Shanghai International Emergency and Fire Safety Expo

It is the platform to educate people about safety and prevention. All the suppliers providing safety equipment also participate here.

China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo

This expo, every year, gives the opportunity to all the manufacturers. They can showcase their product and services. You can also pre-book your visit.


Factory Visit

You can satisfy yourself by visiting the factory. You can request a visit if you are searching for manufacturers via Alibaba.

Made-in-china.com also gives you an option to book your factory visit. In this way, you can check out machines, work environments, and SOPs.

7. List of top 3 Nomex coverall manufacturers in China.

coverall manufacturer

Nomex coveralls protect the wearer from many harmful substances. China is famous for its production of safety wears. Multiple companies are working in the manufacturing of Nomex coverall.

We are presenting the list of the top three Nomex coveralls manufacturers. It will assist you to choose a better option.

1.    Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd

2.    Anbu Safety Industry Co., Ltd

3.    Shanghai Penco Industrial Co., Ltd

1.    Shanghai C&G Safety Co., Ltd

It is working as a leading manufacturing company since 2005. It has almost 300 employees to provide high-performance protective clothing. They are working to make this company the best manufacturer in China.

Main Products

Nomex IIIA Clothing

Personal Protective 2019

Military and Police Protective Clothing

Molten Metal Splash Protection


ASTM F1959


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Address: Building 39, Lane 123, Shenmei Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

2.    Anbu Safety Industry Co., Ltd

Anbu coverall is operating for the past ten years. It is in the ideal location near Xinzheng internation air port. The prime market of this company is in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. they have more than 10 years coverall manufacturing and export experience.

Main Products

Fire resistant coverall

Flame retardant


Nomex Coveralls

Other Protective Clothes



Address: No.10 Hanghai Road, Guancheng district, Zhengzhou 450000,  China

3.    Shanghai Penco Industrial Co., Ltd

The leading and professionals people are running this manufacturing company. Their products come in handy in various departments since 2014. Police, military, firefighters, railway, and civil-aviation are their main customers.

Main Products

Safety Helmet

Safety Goggles

Nomex Coveralls


Breathing Apparatus

Gas Mask


ISO 14001


Address: Room401, Tianke International Building, No.1000 Pingliang Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China.


In this FAQ guide we have focused the perspectives of nomex coveralls. Now it is easy for you to choose best one according to your profession.

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