Medical Uniform Manufacturers Guide to Buy Medical and Nursing Scrubs Suits and Uniforms

The popularity of using medical scrubs has increased in many hospitals and the medical apparel industry. Scrubs are simply uniforms won by physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals produced by medical uniform manufacturers.

The uniforms can either be in white or blue based on the role of the medical professional. For instance, many surgeons wear white while nurses wear blue. Scrubs are essential during emergencies because they allow patients, doctors, and hospital staff to identify the nurses.

Additionally, they prevent spills and stains since they are made of durable material. Medical professionals also use them as uniforms, and this creates a sense of belonging at the workplace.

While there are so many medical scrub manufacturers, it can be challenging for you to pick the suitable scrub for your hospital. Worry not; we have prepared this detailed guide to help you choose the right medical and nursing scrubs suits and uniforms.

Why People Wear Medical and Nursing Scrubs Suits and Uniforms

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Scrubs are common in any medical setting because they work well to prevent the spreading of infection. They play a protective barrier between the user and potential hazards by reducing infections and the spread of contaminants.

These medical uniforms are easy to wear, and they have a loose-fitting design. Therefore, they don’t restrict your movement at work. Additionally, they are easy to wash and can withstand high temperatures for prevention and infection control.

What to Wear with Scrubs?

What to Wear with Scrubs

Whether you are a theatre staff, doctor, nurse, patient, care worker, or beautician, there are several things that you can wear with scrubs. In the medical setting, you can wear a scrub with a 3-ply face mask. This is essential to reduce the spread of bacteria and help in controlling infection spread.

You can complete your scrub outfit with lightweight medical clogs. They are mainly designed with an anti-microbial finish and have a slip-resistant grip for comfort. They don’t have a lace design which makes washing easy for effective infection control.

The clogs are designed with an adjustable heel strap that you can choose to wear either back or forward position.

Lastly, you can pair up your scrub with a theatre cap. Most of them are reusable and washable, and they come in different styles for both men and women. 

Things to Consider When Buying Medical and Nursing Scrubs Suits and Uniforms from Medical Uniform Manufacturers

Things to Consider When Buying Medical and Nursing Scrubs Suits and Uniforms from Medical Uniform Manufacturers

There are many crucial considerations you should check when buying medical scrubs. They range from cheap nurses’ uniforms to disposable scrub suits.

There are also plenty of medical clothing manufacturers who can make it tough to choose the right one. Below are crucial tips that should guide you to picking the proper nursing and medical scrub.


When choosing the right medical and nursing scrubs, the first essential thing you should know is the types available. There are three types of scrubs you can choose, which include the following.

Scrub separates- These are a separate tunic and a scrub trouser which you can either choose to mix and match. They are great if you need one color all the way or darker colors on the bottom.

Scrub set- It includes a tunic and trousers in a similar color. So, if you need matching top and bottom, these are the best to buy.

Contrast trim: This is another type of scrub design commonly popular in NHS wards. They are designed with stripped colors on the sleeves, and you can get them in a wide range of colors. These strips are used to denote different roles. 

Great Quality Material

Another major thing you should check when choosing your ideal medical scrub vendor is the quality of their scrubs.

They are made of various materials, meaning that some are better than others. A scrub can have a single fabric or different textiles depending on the scrub vendors.

Selecting the right quality depends on different factors like the design and the material. The best scrubs should be hard-wearing because they require frequent cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection.

The most important things you should consider when choosing the material are stretch, weight, structure, and durability.

The most common materials used to make medical scrubs include cotton, rayon, spandex, and polyester. Depending on the fabric blend and the material, scrubs and medical uniforms manufacturers can incorporate different health-related fields.

For instance, they can make casual setting scrubs for debris, germs, bodily fluids, and hazardous environments. Select the suitable material bases on your needs.

If mobility is crucial, choose a breathable fabric. If you engage in frequent sanitizing, pick scrubs made of polyester or rayon.

Perfect Fit

You should pay attention to the cut and the fit of the scrub. Does it fit your overall body shape and length? Many scrub manufacturing companies offer different fits.

So, you can get the right scrub for a modern fit, petite/slim, plus size, classic fit, maternity fit, tailored, and athletic, among others. 

Consider how the scrub fits you around the shoulders, hips, waist, and chest/bust. The most crucial thing is understanding your body type and picking the proper scrub that offers you a good fit without compromising your comfort.

In regards to the pants, check the overall design, length, and cut. You can pick different pant cuts like slim fit, cuffed design, straight, loose fit, boot, and flare, among others.

If you are unsure which sizing to pick, check the sizing guide that many medical uniforms manufacturers provide to get the right size for your body.


The right medical and nursing scrubs should be durable. The things that determine the durability of scrub are quality stitches, quality fabric, and no zips and snap buttons. Select scrubs and suits with double-stitched seams, reinforced seams, and French seams.

Ensure the stitches are sturdy to help you choose a durable scrub since they will not come off after a short time. Choosing quality fabric ensures your scrubs are long-lasting.

The fabric should be well-weighted. Avoid scrubs with snap buttons and zips because they make it harder to repair or maintain the scrub.


The best scrubs should be convenient, comfortable, and breathable for maximum efficiency. They should handle many hours of work without keeping the wearer uncomfortable or prevent movement.

They should be comfortable on your skin, and the fabric they are made of should be sustainable.

Collars and Neck Line

Another essential consideration to think about when buying medical scrubs is the collar and the neckline. V-shaped collars are the most common, but not all are the same. 

Interlock collars are great because they retain their shape and give protection if you don’t like wearing the inner layer.


Medical professionals need a convenient place to keep their medical equipment for easy access. The medical tray might not be enough to keep the items that they need regularly. Therefore, consider scrubs with more oversized pockets to provide ample storage space.

To get the right scrubs with ample storage, consider the type of medical equipment you carry. They can range from the medical clipboard, stethoscope, bandage scissors, smartphone, tape measure, writing utensils, and much more. 

Additionally, it would be great to consider buying a medical bag to help you maintain your items. This is especially if you deal with large and bulky gear.

Versatility and Styles

Medical Uniform Manufacturers

Scrubs are used by doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other medical personnel. They should be breathable, long-lasting, and provide a modern fit.

The right scrubs should be versatile enough such that doctors do not necessarily throw them away after a few surgeries. 

There are different styles of nursing scrubs and uniforms available. They range from zip front, stud front, and mandarin tunics.

All these come in different colors. You can also choose unisex tunics which are suitable for healthcare workers.

Select uniforms that are ideal for embroidery. This gives you the chance to include a professional stamp on your nursing scrubs or suits.

Colored or White Scrubs

Scrubs come in different colors from various scrub suit manufacturers. It is crucial to consider the color scheme of your hospital to determine if you need colored or white scrubs.

The color of the scrub in many hospitals determines the department and the role of the workers. White scrubs are preferable for workers who work in environments where there are no bodily fluids or stains.

If your work involves contact with bodily fluids or stains, then darker-colored scrubs are ideal. 

Slit or No Slit

You also need to consider whether you need a scrub that has a slit or not. For instance, shorter scrubs with slits on the sides are more likely to expose your body, which is not a good idea.

Longer scrubs might work well with slits. They also provide an excellent vent for breathability hence keeping you comfortable. Therefore, before you buy, consider the length of the scrub and whether you need slits or not.

Laundry and Care

It would be best to wash your nursing scrubs and suits to the required temperature to remove contamination. Think of the washing temperature, frequency of wash, and the laundry method you need for your scrubs.

Therefore, pick fabric clothing that can withstand laundry at the needed temperature for thermal disinfection. If you choose a fabric that has Lycra, it might not be suitable for thermal disinfection.

When dealing with heavily soiled items, please put them in a rinse cycle before washing them. Handwashing is not recommended for healthcare garments.

It would help cleanse your uniforms regularly at the needed temperature to follow the control and infection prevention standards.

Additionally, carry the laundry in the on-site laundry facility at the health care facility to prevent carrying hospital-borne microorganisms to home.


How much should you spend on a medical scrub? The price of the scrubs varies based on different factors like the working environment, role in your job, and the frequency of replacement. 

Suppose your work revolves around a high spillage of high contamination environment, the damage with ease. You can either choose disposable scrub suits or those that require frequent replacements. 

It is worth investing your money in quality scrubs that can last for 2-3 years, and you will get fantastic value for your money.

Unisex Scrubs

Many nursing staffs today prefer wearing unisex scrubs. The scrubs are made for both men and women. So you don’t expect them to have extreme feminine design or some boring manly scrubs. Unisex scrubs are great for nurses who want a comfortable and traditional look.

Dress Code

Lastly, when buying scrubs from medical uniform manufacturers and suppliers, determine the required dress code for your work. Whether you are a medical student or working, some organizations are flexible with the scrub you wear, while others are strict.

In some places, you can wear various colors and designs provided they are respectable and give a professional look. In other places, they demand stricter dress codes to give a uniform appearance.

So, before you invest your money in a scrub, understand the facility’s requirements first. This will ensure you dress appropriately as per their requirements.

Medical and Nursing Scrubs Suits and Uniforms Wholesale Suppliers and Manufactures

Medical and Nursing Scrubs Suits and Uniforms Wholesale Suppliers and Manufactures

Picking the proper manufacturer or supplier for your medical and nursing scrubs is essential. At the same time, many manufacturers can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

Below are recommended scrub and suit wholesale manufacturers and suppliers.


This is a professional supplier in China that specializes in safety equipment. Their products range from safety masks, coveralls, safety shoes, safety helmets, gloves, and much more.

They have many years of experience in producing safety equipment, and they sell in over 30 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 


This is another professional coverall maker in China who specializes in making safety coveralls. They have more than 10 years of solid experience, and their products meet the requirements of NFPA and CE.

They produce a wide range of safety clothes like shirts, pants, coveralls, jackets, work suits, vest apparel, lab coats, and flame resistance. 


This is a top brand that makes the best nursing scrubs. They make the most comfortable scrubs, and they have many options to choose from. They make their scrubs from flexible fabric with good stretch.

This makes the scrubs ideal for working healthcare facilities. The brand was established in 1972, and they have a wide range of products like iFlex, Luxe, and Infinity.

You can buy scrub bottoms, tops, scrub jackets, and lab coats as per your requirements.


They provide quality nursing uniforms with a modern look. Their scrubs are breathable, comfortable, and provide athletic performance. They offer a wide range of colors to choose from.

Their nursing scrubs are durable, and you do not need to iron them. They remain wrinkle-free even after washing.

Jaanuu Scrubs

This brand provides great scrubs for men and women. Their scrubs have modern cuts, and you can find them in different colors. They have all options to fit tall, short, or petite users.

The scrubs have a two-way stretch fabric that is soft and comfortable as you move. Additionally, the fabric is moisture-wicking to keep you cool throughout your shifts.


Their scrubs are mainly designed to suit the needs of modern nurses. All their scrubs have a sleek fit which makes them functional. Both men and women can get quality scrubs.

The women’s core line features skinny, straight leg, jogger, and cargo cults. Men’s line features cargo, straightforward, and jogger options. The tops have a tailored fit and from 1-3 pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: How to Make Your Own Medical Scrubs by Medical Uniform Manufacturers

A: It is easy and possible to make your own medical scrubs if you own a sewing machine. Once you pick your ideal fabric, cut and stitch, and you can complete the sewing project over the weekend.

Q: What Companies Make Scrubs?

A: There are many scrubs manufacturers you can find. One of the top scrub and medical uniform manufacturers with over 40 years of experience is Adar Medical Uniforms.

Other top scrub manufacturers include Barco uniforms, Koi, Landau scrubs, Careisma scrubs, and Cherokee Apparels. 

Q: How Much Do Uniform Scrubs Cost?

A: According to research from the top scrub vendors list, the average price for varying colored scrubs ranges from $18-$41, and for a solid color, pants range from $27-$36.

You can find quality scrub tops at Walmart going from $5-$15 and pants from $10-$18. You can save money by buying scrubs wholesale from medical scrub vendors.

Q: What Scrub Brand Do Hospitals Use?

A: Hospitals and other retailers get their scrubs from wholesale scrub manufacturers. Buying from wholesale medical scrub vendors is cheaper and a great option for companies that need scrubs in bulk.

For many years, Cherokee has been among the top nursing and medical uniforms manufacturers wholesale suppliers that make quality scrubs for health professionals.

Final Thoughts 

Medical and nursing scrubs are made to cater to the busy lifestyle of medical professionals. Depending on the medical scrubs distributors you choose, they come in different materials, patterns, sizes, and qualities. It is important to select high-quality scrubs that are perfectly designed to suit your body.

They should also be affordable, comfortable, and durable. We have given you a compressive guide on everything you should know before buying medical scrubs suits and uniforms from the manufacturers. With this information, purchasing a suitable scrub should not be an issue.

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