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Anbu Coverall which was established in 2008, is a premier manufacturer of different types of safety coverall, work suits, boiler suits, work pants, bib pants ,work shirt, FR coveralls, nomex coverall and many more.

We strive to provide best service to our customers with professional sales team, qualified designer and dedicated QC team which is responsible for 100% on-line products inspection to ensure best quality. Our innovative clothing designers and experienced workers are available at your request to ensure fast sample preparation.

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Our Products

100% Cotton Coverall And Work Suits, Boiler Suits

100% cotton coverall

100% cotton coverall

Material: 100% cotton 240gsm
Reflective tape on arm,leg
MOQ: 1000 PCS

Poly Cotton Coverall

Poly Cotton Coverall

Material: poly/cotton 240gsm
8 pocket on front,side,back
MOQ: 1000 PCS

cheap price coverall

Good price Coverall

Material: 80/20 pc 180gsm
4 pocket on side and back
MOQ: 1000 PCS

FR Coverall Manufacturer

Two Piece Coverall

Material:65/35 poly cotton with reflective tape on arm,leg
MOQ: 1000 PCS

Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Coverall

Fire resistant coverall, Nomex coverall, Anti-static coverall

Red Wing FR Coverall

Red Wing FR Coverall

Material: FR Fabric 250gsm
FR reflective tape on arm, leg
MOQ: 1000 pcs

Fire Resistant Coverall

Fire Resistant Coverall

Material: 100% cotton FR fabric
Reflective tape on arm, leg
MOQ: 1000 PCS

Flame Retardant Coverall

Flame Retardant Coverall

Material: FR fabric 280gsm
Reflective tape on arm, leg
MOQ: 1000 PCS

FR Reflective Coverall

FR Reflective Coverall

Material: 100% cotton FR fabric
Reflective tape on arm,leg
MOQ: 1000 PCS

nomex IIIA coverall

Nomex IIIA Coverall

NomexIIIA® of Dupont is the most popular material of FR protective apparel currently in the world. It’s applied to petroleum, gas, petrochemical, electrical utility industries, etc 

  • Two-way concealed flame retardant zippers
  • 5cm 3M reflective stripes on chest, sleeves and legs
  • Material: 6.0oz nomex fabric
  • MOQ: 200pcs
arc flash coverall

Arc Flash Resistant Coverall

Arc flash clothing and garments in a layered combination deliver workwear protection against hazards according to IEC 61482 – PPE protects the worker against electric arc flash dangers. 

Material: Inherently flame retardant arc fabric
MOQ: 10pcs

anti static coverall

Anti-Static Coverall

Anti-Static Coveralls Offer Full Body Coverage To Protect Workers And Sensitive Electronics From Static Electricity.
This anti-static coverall made of 240gsm 100% cotton anti-static fabric, and can meet EN 1149-5, EN1149-3 and other standards.

MOQ: 500pcs


protective clothing

Chemical Protective Coverall

one of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protective garments on the market today,  Featuring a soft and flexible 3-layer fabric, strong ultrasonically welded seams and an effective chemical barrier against most inorganic chemicals. EN14605 standard

MOQ: 500pcs

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Buyer's Guide for FR Coveralls

The Ultimate Guide of FR coveralls type, function, standard and application.

FR clothing

FR Coveralls – All You Need To Know

When you work in a hazardous environment that puts your life at risk, there are certain precautions that are necessary to take. Do you need safety gloves? Are there any protective helmets you can use to shield yourself? Do you have to wear any flame-retardant or flame-resistant clothing?

There are many basic things to take care of. One such precaution that people associated with departments that have harsh working conditions should take is FR Coveralls. Read ahead to find out all that you need to know about FR coveralls.

Table of Contents

  1. What Are FR coveralls?
  2. Flame-resistant? Fire-resistant? Fire-retardant? What’s The Difference?
  3. What Is Flame Resistant Coverall Made Of?
  4. Who Needs To Wear Flame-resistant Coverall?
  5. What Are The Advantages Of Flame-resistant Clothing?
  6. Standards Of Fire Resistant Coverall
  7. How To Pick The Right Fire Resistant Coverall?
  8. Where Can You Find The Best Fire Resistant Coverall Supplier?
  9. The Various Application Of Fire Resistant Clothing

Describing Flame-Resistant Coverall

Before we start off with the buying guide, let’s simply take a look at the simple definition of FR coveralls. FR Coveralls stands for flame-resistant coveralls.

The term refers to clothing that certain professionals have to wear so they can protect themselves from the harsh consequences of flame. These clothing items are also protective of thermal exposure.

The design of the coveralls is made in a unique way. It allows it to catch no to minimal fire. In case, the overalls do catch fire. They have the ability to self-extinguish. This means that while you are working and your coveralls catch fire, it has the ability to extinguish itself naturally.

The self-extinguishing feature of these coveralls works great when you are exposed to intermittent flames. The coveralls will decrease the extent of burn injury that can occur. Moreover, it also gives an alarm to the wearer so that they have sufficient time to escape the hazardous environment.

Such qualities of the FR coveralls increase the chance of survival and improve the quality of life when the wearers find themselves stuck in a situation that involves a flash fire, a sudden thermal explosion, or an unexpected electric arc.

Flame-resistant? Fire-resistant? Fire-retardant? What’s The Difference?

Before we proceed towards going in detail about coveralls, let’s clear out a few things. The terms discussed below might be familiar to you, but there must also be confusion about the meaning of all three words.

It is common to confuse these three terms. Two of these terms can be used in place of another. However, the third term is quite different. Read ahead to find out the difference between the three terms below.

  • Flame-Resistant

When we refer to a piece of clothing as flame-resistant, it means that it is made out of fabrics or materials that are do not catch flame. Such materials are called nonflammable.

These fabrics have a chemical property, which makes them naturally resist flames to a great extent. In case they catch fire, the spread of fire is hindered, or they self-extinguish itself. The most important point of this material remains to slow down the spread of fire.

  • Fire-Resistant

Don’t be confused between fire-resistant and flame resistant. These two terms are interchangeable when we talk about FR Coveralls. This is because the two words are synonyms.

  • Fire-Retardant

Now we will talk about the third term. Fire retardant is not the same as fire resistant or flame resistant.

If a fabric is rendered as a fire retardant, it means that the fabric has undergone a certain type of chemical treatment. This chemical reaction makes the fabric have certain properties that flame resistant materials naturally possess.

So after being treated with chemical procedures to become non-flammable, flame retardant fabrics burn at a very slow speed. Moreover, even if they do catch fire, they have the tendency to put out the fire itself because they are self-extinguishing.

What Is Flame Resistant Coverall Made Of?

If we talk about fabrics that are fire-resistant, it is important to keep in mind that there are different fabrics that can be used.

Since there is a variety of fabrics to choose from, there is no choice, which can be called perfect when it comes to picking a fire-resistant material. Each material comes with its own pros and cons.

Therefore, you have to pick the flame resistant coverall that suits your preferences and demands. The selection will be based purely on the needs of your working environment, keeping the safety and hazards that your workers will face.

This can be explained simply by an example. The dangers that a worker in a paper industry can face are far different from the threats that are posed to the health of a worker giving duties in the ceramic industry.

What might make your selection work easier is that most choices of flame resistant clothing are made out of a mixture of different materials. The majority of materials used are synthetic in nature.

These materials have also been designed with the help of engineers so as to give it distinguishing properties such as being slow-burning and self-extinguishing.

We will now talk about a few materials that possess fire-resistant qualities. These materials are usually used when it comes to manufacturing FR coveralls.

  • Modacrylic

Looking for one of the most common and popular options that are available? Modacrylic should be your top choice. In many cases, this material forms the base for a blend of different flame resistant fabrics that can be made.

The best part about using Modacrylic while manufacturing FR clothing is that you can easily fulfill the set criteria of standards. Meeting these standards is important, as you will read in the text below.

  • Nomex

Another type of material that is nonflammable is Nomex. It has great flame resistant qualities. Nomex has the quality of being the base of a mixture of fibers. You can use it with Kevlar as well while mixing materials together.

  • Kevlar

The fibers of Kelvar are resistant to flame-like other materials that we have discussed earlier. However, Kelvar also has high strength, which makes it an important component of FR coveralls material.

Kelvar is commonly seen in combination with Nomex. The material is considered to be heavy duty, but it comes with a high price tag.

Who Needs To Wear Flame-Resistant Coverall?

As we talked about it earlier, people who need to wear FR coveralls are of three types. The division is made primarily on the basis of dangers that the workers are exposed to inside their work environment.

The three main dangers that workers have from their work are mentioned below.

  • Flash Fire

This includes people that work in pharmaceutical companies, chemical manufacturing industries, refineries, etc.

  • Electric Arc

This includes people that work in electrical companies, powerhouses, workers, etc.

  • Combustible Dust

This includes people that work in paper works industries, food & goods processing power plants, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Flame-Resistant Clothing?

If we have to talk about the benefits of FR coveralls, it’s easy. They provide workers with a sense of safety to protect them from unwanted thermal exposure while reducing the risk of injury.

It should be kept in mind that FR coveralls do not completely eradicate your chances of catching fire or getting injured. However, they do reduce the risk that workers might have been at if they were wearing ordinary clothes while being on duty.

Reducing the risk simply means that FR coveralls have the tendency to prevent ignition in case of a fire. They are able to perform their job in most cases until the situation becomes extremely grave in which they may stand a chance of catching fire.

Flame retardant clothing also has a property of slowing down the propagation of fire. This slows down the speed at which the fire spreads through your garments. The material and fabric properties of FR coveralls are designed in such a manner that the flame takes over very slowly.

Even if the fire spreads fast, there is another unique property of FR coveralls. This is the self-extinguishing property, which means that in case of catching an unexpected fire incidence, the material can put out the fire itself.

Workers who have an FR coverall do not put themselves at risk of suffering from burn injuries. The self-extinguishing property of the fire-resistant coveralls gives them enough time to escape a horrifying ordeal that puts their life at risk.

Moreover, wearing coveralls ensures that the spread of fire is limited to an extent. The worker can lessen the intensity of harm that the worker experiences while wearing FR coveralls.

Standards Of Fire Resistant Coverall

There is a certain set of standards that any FR coverall manufacturer must conform too in order to make coveralls that are fit for consumption. As you read ahead you will find out why each standard plays a significant role in the building of a coverall.

EN 11612 Standard

The above-mentioned standard ensures that the performance of the coverall is optimal. This protects the body, leaving the hands, head, and feet, from unexpected exposure to heat.

Clothing made under this standard spreads fire at a slow speed while also offering protection against a few hazardous scenarios.

  • Protection against radiant or contact heat sources
  • Protection against exposure from splashes of molten metal

Besides this, you can also have further performance levels to specify risk as low, medium, or high depending on the intensity. Another performance level, which is the fourth one works around offering protection against situations that offer extreme heat exposure. The fourth level applies specifically to aluminized materials, which are rendered high in performance.

EN 1149 Standard

This standard chiefly talks about anti-static clothing. Such type of clothing suppresses static charges. Once static charges are suppressed, we can prevent sparks.

It is essential to prevent sparks in a setting where catching fire is inevitable. The standard consists of a few parts.

– EN1149 part 1: Tests for methods that allow measurement of surface resistance

– EN1149 part 2: Tests for methods that allow measurement of the electrical resistance (vertical resistance) that can travel through a material

– EN1149 part 3: Tests for methods that allow the measurement of charge decay

– EN1149 part 4: Garment test method (this standard is currently under development)

– EN1149 part 5: Check for performance requirements

If we talk about the contents of this standard, the first thing that needs to be discussed is the lightning bolt above the text. This is the pictogram of the EN 1149 standard.

The standard gives specifications required for garments that have the ability to conduct electricity. When you combine this clothing with shoes, you can come up with an outfit that forms a completely Earthed system. An Earthed system works best to prevent sparks, thereby also preventing explosions.

FR coveralls set to match EN 1149 standard is accepted if it’s made in combination with clothing that conforms to standards 531 or 11612. We use these clothing in working environments that have a risk for explosion. Keep in mind that where ever there is a risk of explosion there is a risk of fire.

We have to avoid wearing clothing made with this standard in an environment that has a great amount of oxygen. This standard does not also provide protection against shocks. It is used readily by companies that have to take care of ATEX guidelines.

NFPA 2122 Standard

This standard refers to FR coveralls to make them protective against industrial equipment that is at risk of catching fire.

It is important for manufacturers because this standard offers protection to workers from unexpected flash fire exposure. It also reduces risk of injury by specifying certain performance requirements along with test methods that are important for flame-resistant fabric and garments.



OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has a lot of set certain guidelines. If a workplace requires any sort of flame-resistant clothing, it has to conform to these guidelines.

OSHA instructs employees to opt for clothing that decreases their risk of burn or heat injuries. It specifically refers to people who are working continually in a setting that has thermal or flame exposure.

Furthermore, OSHA’s FR clothing criteria prohibit clothing made out of certain materials such as nylon, polyester, rayon, or acetate. If the employer can guarantee that these materials have been treated chemically to render them nonflammable, only then it’s appropriate to use such materials in the field.

How To Pick The Right Fire Resistant Coverall?

Now that we have discussed all about FR coveralls, let’s start talking about a few things that can guide you better in picking the best FR coverall for yourself.

When it comes to picking the best FR coverall for yourself, what are the main things you have to keep in your mind? How well should the coverall fit? Are there any specifications that need to be taken under consideration? Are FR coveralls unisex?

These are some of the basic questions that we will be addressing in the buying and caring guide given below. Once you have gone through it, we hope you can make a better choice for yourself and your workers!

Should Flame-Resistant Clothing Fit Well?

When we talk about FR clothing, the main and perhaps most important aspect to take care of is the fit. It should be noted that as a rule of thumb, we always opt for a looser fit. The reason is that a looser fit tends to offer a greater degree of protection.

When FR clothing is looser in fit, we have an added layer of insulation present between the garment and wearer. The extra insulation layer provides protection against the thermal exposure or unexpected flames of fire that you may be exposed to in case of an accident.

As opposed to this, if you are wearing FR coveralls that are skintight there is a higher risk of injury. The reason being that the flames now have a greater chance of being in contact with your skin.

Therefore, it’s always a better choice to allow a certain degree of air cushion to exist between the wearer’s skin and the fabric.

However, you should bear in mind that you are not also supposed to opt for the baggiest option available. Getting the most loosely-fitted piece of FR clothing might seem like a good idea in the start.

But the logic here is that baggy clothes have a greater chance of getting stuck into surrounding objects. This increases chances of injuries because you can catch fire from other hazardous things that are around you.

Therefore it comes down to picking an FR coverall for yourself that is a medium fit. The fit will neither be too tight that it wards off the insulation layer between your skin and the garment. The fit will not be too loose as well that it catches fire from the hazardous environment.

As a rule of thumb, clothes shrink after the first few washes. The same happen with FR clothing. So you must keep in mind that while purchasing FR coveralls for yourself, you should buy a size or two bigger than your actuals size. Gradually with a few washes, it will shrink to your actual size.

FR Coveralls Designed For Women

There are always certain variations that we can find for every garment to suit each sex. Similarly, some FR coverall manufacturers design coveralls to suit women, while some do not.

As a woman who is looking to buy FR clothing, you are most probably looking for designs that are suited well for the female body.

But there is one thing to note. The purpose of coveralls is to offer protection against the heat and flame hazards. The function provided by coveralls is the same whether it is designed for men or for women.

Therefore, having a coverall suited for your sex alone does not really make a difference. This may be the reason why that majority if manufacturers just come up with unisex or gender-neutral coveralls.

Details To Pay Attention To

Your employer will most definitely give out a certain set of instructions for the kind of FR coverall he wants you to purchase. For instance, they will let you know whether primary protection or secondary protection coverall is needed.

Employers also notify you with the specific garments that you need to buy in order to wear in your workplace.

There is another important thing to take care of is a suitable fit. This was discussed in the section earlier.

You don’t have to buy anything which too baggy that it gets stuck around in objects from your environment. You also shouldn’t select anything which is too tight that it strips off the extra layer of insulation.

Additionally, there is one thing that your employer might notify you about is where to buy your FR coveralls from. When it comes to manufacturers, each company has a different collection of materials and looks to pick from.

The quality of the material may also vary. Other factors like guarantees, price tags, and quality control processes should also be taken into consideration.

Primary And Secondary Protection – What’s The Difference?

When you come across the term flame-resistant clothing, you may often hear familiar terms like “primary protection” and “secondary protection.” What do we mean by these two terms? Is there any significant difference between the two? Do we have a greater degree of protection with either of them?

If we discuss the two types of protection, main difference between the two is all about the degree of protection it can offer in a specific field in which we intend to use it. We have described both categories below.

  1. Primary Protection

Primary protection points towards FR clothing that is made to benefit workers during duties that involve being exposed to flames and thermal outbreaks continuously. This can include potential molten splashes as well.

For instance, we can take a look at a firefighter’s clothing. Once the firefighter is out on duty, putting out fire, he is exposed to heat continuously.

  1. Secondary Protection

In FR clothing, we refer to secondary protection as a sort of safety protection that is given to the wearer for hazardous breaks.

These are hazards which the person might not be exposed to continuously. However, it can still include thermal exposure, molten splashes, sparks, fire flames, etc.

However, the key point to note still is that such wearers are not in a constant danger as that of primary protection.

Underclothing – An Important Aspect To Take Into Consideration

Flame-retardant clothing is designed in a way that it protects you from fire, thermal exposure, sparks and other similar hazardous conditions. But are there any potential measures that you can take to make the FR coveralls more effective? Moreover, there are some practices that can be taken into account that further enhance the effectiveness of FR coveralls.

Firstly, the clothing you opt for to be worn under your FR clothing tends to play a significant role in protection and effectiveness that your FR clothing can offer. Before wearing FR coveralls, always make sure that you wear garments underneath that have little to no tendency of melting.

Taking this precaution has two advantages. The first one is simple. If you pick the right type of under clothing, it only adds further to your FR protection. In case the first layer of your flame-resistant garment loses integrity during an injury, you still have another layer to keep you safe. There is also another layer of insulation between the two layers of clothing adding to the safety of workers.

Secondly, it is essential to wear underclothing with negligible melting capacity because of the harsh working environment you will be exposed to.

Once the outer layer of your protective garment is damaged, it is highly possible that it will start affecting your inner clothing too. If the conditions become extreme, your protective underclothing may cause severe damage by catching fire. This puts you at risk for serious injuries.

When workers are exposed to an environment where thermal, spark or electrical injuries are a real danger to their lives, then it becomes a necessity for them to wear flame-resistant clothing. You can read OSHA’s guidelines given above to have a clearer idea about who exactly should opt for FR coveralls.

Where Can You Find The Best Fire Resistant Coverall Supplier?

There are various suppliers that have come up with great qualities of flame-retardant coveralls. We will talk about the best three FR coverall suppliers in the text ahead.


We still start with Dickies which provides wearers with the most comfortable FR coveralls on our list. The coveralls are made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Overall, Dickies offers a great FR coverall for its customers making it the star choice for most companies.

  • Offers style
  • Comfortable for users
  • Overall body protection
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Full range of movement due to bi-swing back
  • Portable
  • Storage pockets
  • High quality material
  • Tough to find correct size

DuPont Clothing

This FR coverall offers your body to be completely protected except the face, hands and feet. You can complete your FR clothing by adding the right gloves, mask and boots to the set. We have discussed the pros and cons for this coverall below to help you give a better idea about this.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Reasonable price
  • Greater protection
  • Not a very breathable option
  • Doesn’t work well with heavy duty jobs

Natural Workwear

This is the most durable option on our list for the best FR coverall suppliers. They make FR coveralls that can help you to overcome harsh working conditions. It is especially suited for workers that work for long hours near fire and electric companies.

  • Comfortable wear
  • Stylish
  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Allows greater mobility
  • Storage pockets
  • Faulty sizing

Anbu Workwear

Anbu coverall is one professional manufacturer mainly produce safety coverall, FR coveralls in China. they mainly do OEM services for clients. if you need one FR coverall manufacturer from china, they are your best choice.

  • Safety coverall
  • FR coveralls
  • Work suits
  • Bib pants
  • Boiler suits
  • Work shirt
  • Work pant

Exploring The Various Applications Of Fire Resistant Clothing

FR coveralls are used in a great variety of places. They are used specially in those fields that pose harm to the safety of workers through unexpected flash fires or continued thermal exposure.

These fields need to guarantee protection of the workers therefore, it is important to provide FR clothing to these people. FR clothing ensures a better quality of life for these people. It also helps sustain the working conditions since nobody is harmed.

It is used in companies that are linked with petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, forestry, fire, electricity, construction and, coal light industry. Since these industries put workers at a higher risk for fire incidence, therefore protection becomes extremely necessary.


FR coveralls help in providing customers with protection and safety. They reduce the risk of injury that the worker might have been exposed to otherwise. It is essential to make sure that anyone who is continuously exposed to thermal heat or fire flames has the best FR coverall to suit themselves.

Certain FR coveralls have the ability to decrease the spread of fire. This allows the fabric to catch fire at a slower speed. There are two advantages of this. There is enough chance for the wearer to plan escape. Plus, the damage done is far less.

Picking the right FR coveralls to suit yourself can be a huge task. There are many things to take into consideration while picking FR coveralls for yourself. Therefore, you have to be well aware of everything that you need to know before picking one.

Any FR coveralls that you pick should suit your preferences. This is majorly based on the work environment and your own comfort. Some materials might feel good on your skin, while some might not. Thus, you have to pick the right fabric to suit yourself.

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