Fire Resistant Coveralls – What You Need to Know

Recent studies indicate that explosions, fires, and flame-related accidents are significant sources of workplace injuries. With their high fatality rate, thermal injuries concern a lot of employers.

Standard PPE (personal protective equipment) is always essential for your safety as a worker. Especially in environments where you face the risk of flames, excess heat, or combustible substances. Your best option is getting a fire resistant coverall.

However, before buying a safety coverall, you must know what makes a coverall fire resistant. You also need to know that you’re wearing the correct type of flame resistant coveralls.

Hey there, if you find all the information out there a bit confusing, you need not worry.

This article will expose all you need to know about flame resistant clothing. And, you get to make the right choice.

What Is A Fire Resistant Coverall?

What Is A Fire Resistant Coverall

A fire-resistant (FR) coverall is simply a protective suit. It’s a type of coverall dress made of naturally fire-resistant materials or fabrics. These are woven together to produce a boilersuit that protects you from thermal hazards, like flash fires or electric arc fires.

You can also call these coveralls flame resistant coveralls. In some parts of the world, you’ll hear coveralls and overalls used interchangeably to mean a protective suit. However, try not to confuse these with dungarees, rompers, or bib-and-brace overalls.

There are two types; inherent FR and treated FR clothing. Inherent flame resistant clothing consists of fabrics having a naturally fire-resistant property. When producing treated flame resistant clothing, applying special chemicals makes the coverall flame resistant.

How Does The Fire Resistant Coverall Work?

Do you know that a safety coverall works in two ways?

First, it stops the effect of a fire hazard and the fire itself.

Or the fabrics initiate chemical reactions that extinguish the fire. So, you have a barrier between the danger and your body.

Secondly, a safety coverall offers you some key benefits. It doesn’t break open, expose or melt unto your skin. Also, you get insulation from heat during warmer climates.

The design of any flame resistant clothing keeps the predicted body burn area under 50 percent. This significantly improves the survival rate of burn victims.

Note that fire-resistant does not mean fireproof. So, fire resistant overalls are not worn to prevent thermal injuries. Instead, they reduce the effects of these injuries.

How Do Style And Fashion Influence Fire Resistant Coveralls?

How Do Style And Fashion Influence Fire Resistant Coveralls

Presently, flame resistant clothing is available in all shapes and styles to fit specific needs. Today, you’ll see FR pants, overalls, jackets, vests, lab coats, masks, amongst others.

Whatever type of garment you can think of, there is likely to be a fire-resistant version already in use. So, apart from the traditional coverall suit, you can buy other fashionable fire-resistant clothing items.

A coverall for women often comes in a different design from a men’s coverall. However, you could wear a coverall for men as a woman. Since all flame resistant clothing protects you, the boilersuit style doesn’t matter.

You may also notice your coverall suit accompanied by reflective tape. While it makes your coveralls more fashionable, it serves coverall safety purposes. At nighttime, it will keep you visible while you’re in the workplace.

Still, on the subject of style, there is also disposable fire resistant coveralls available. These are fire resistant overalls intended for one-time use only. After that, you dispose of them immediately at the end of the workday.

How To Spot Quality Fire Resistant Coverall

How To Spot Quality Fire Resistant Coverall

Firstly, whatever coverall suit you intend to buy must meet the basic coverall safety or fire resistant coverall standards. The recognized workplace regulatory bodies establish these safety requirements. If it does, you can be sure of your protection from hazards.

Also, go for FR garments that you can wear comfortably and wash easily. Soft, lightweight fabrics will ensure you have ease of body movement while working. And with breathable materials, you’ll still be efficient in warmer climates.

Your coverall dress should also fit properly and have an appropriate amount of wear-and-tear resistance. Soundly constructed and durable material composition is a necessary must-have.

Last but not least importantly, you should preferably pick out a fire resistant coverall with reflective tape. This tape is a reflective material usually fitted on the chest, hands, and legs of the garment. It is necessary for you if you work in dark or low light conditions.

Where Can I Buy Quality Fire Resistant Coverall?

Where Can I Buy Quality Fire Resistant Coverall

There are a lot of coverall suit vendors available online and in physical stores. Google’ fire resistant clothing near me, and you’ll get a host of options. It would be best if you bought your flame resistant coverall from an experienced and recognized manufacturer.

Our choice pick is Anbu Coverall, with over a decade of experience in making safety coveralls. With Anbu Coverall, you’ll get coveralls that tick all the right boxes as regards arc ratings and safety requirements.

In addition to quality, they offer a variety of flame resistant clothing. This includes safety coverall, boilersuit, work suit, fire resistant overalls, and many more. So, check out their online space today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are Coveralls Fire Resistant?

A. Yes. As a protective suit, naturally, fire-resistant fabrics make up a proper coverall dress. In addition, these woven fabric materials self-extinguish when you remove the ignition or kindling source.

Q. Is 100% Cotton Fire Resistant?

A. No. 100% cotton fibers can still ignite and will continue to burn when exposed to fire.

Q. What Is FRC Coverall?

A. FRC means flame-resistant clothing. So, FRC coverall refers to a coverall suite that meets the required fire-resistant coverall standards.

Q. When Should You Wear FR Clothing?

A. Use FR clothing anytime you work in an environment that is at risk of fire-related hazards,

also, if your workplace exposes you to combustible or high-voltage electrical materials.

Essentially, you should evaluate your workplace environment. Then, you will determine whether you need to wear a fire-resistant safety coverall while working.

Q. How Many Times Can You Wash Fire Retardant Clothing?

A. Between 25-50 cycles or washing times. Although, some flame resistant clothing can withstand up to 100 cycles. Take note, however, of the manufacturer’s instructions for the garment.


Based on the information you now have, you should not worry about buying a suitable safety coverall. And, talking about flame resistant clothing, Anbu Coverall is the proper manufacturer for you. With their dedicated sales, design, and quality control team, you get to choose from the very best FR garments.

If you desire a variety of safety coverall options, check out CoverallChina’s online catalog. Apart from meeting industry standards, they guarantee you top-notch quality and rapid delivery services.

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