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The right kind of work clothes are required of workers in certain industries, including automotive, petrochemical, machinery, chemical industrial, flammable industrial, forestry and many others. For work clothes to be suitable their design and construction must be entrusted to experienced and skilled manufacturers with specialization on work wear. Such work clothes are essential so that workers facing serious occupational and environmental hazards to their health are protected. Employers must ensure that each employee is not subjected to unnecessary risks while they are conducting their daily affairs.

Available resources
In China, there are companies that specialize in the design and production of work clothes such as smocks, laboratory coats, aprons, shoe covers, sleeves, and coveralls according to customer specifications. They cater to the needs of various types of industries. A good coverall supplier can provide for the needs of groups and organizations that prescribe working clothing for their workers, such as different types of uniforms, coveralls, and bib pants, among others. For a reasonable price, manufacturers in China are offering excellent workmanship in the creation and production of company-specific uniforms and work wear.

Available options
High quality coverall are usually made from a sturdy combination of polyester and cotton characterized by high tensile strength and resistance to tearing. The fabrics are chosen carefully to match the requirements of the working clothing to be made. They must offer adequate protection from potentially harmful environmental agents such as noxious chemical compounds, dust, mold, paint, open flame, fiberglass, asbestos, and different types of biohazards.

There is another alternative. The customer can choose from factory items such as flame retardant coveralls, and other ready-made work wear. Most companies offer a complete line of disposable coveralls as well. It is now more practical to use disposable clothing such as Hazmat, Tyvek and Tychem suits in certain industrial and commercial settings instead of fabric garments. The offer ample protection to workers and allow them to save up on resources.

The process
If the customer has samples, the coverall manufacturer can pattern the clothing items from the existing models. It is easy for experienced manufacturers to come up with designs based on customer samples. Customization options are available as well. The sizes vary, as well as the colors with choices ranging from the basic white and gray to more prominent colors such as yellow, dark blue, and orange, depending on the requirements. Manufacturers in China usually accept wholesale work wear uniform orders of a certain quantity—for instance 1000 items.

Additional specifications from the customer, such as customized logos, prints and embroidery, are also easily fulfilled. Some offer thermoprinting services for the company logo, along with printing and sewing options. There are also a couple of pocket styles to choose from. Manufacturers also typically offer a wide range of styles and accommodate modifications required to tailor fit the garment with respect to seasonal variations. A waistband may also be added as well as reflective strips as specified by company regulations and industry standards. Additional components may be added in order to fulfill personal protective equipment standards as per regulations.

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  1. Tauqir Malik

    I am looking for coverall 65×35
    minimum quantity need in the beginning 8000 pcs
    shipment to Dubai UAE
    thanks and regards
    Tauqir Malik

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