Professional Safety Bump Cap Manufacturer in China

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Professional Bump Cap Supplier in China

We are one professional bump cap manufacturer with more than 10 years experience. We export to more than 30 country
from 2008. We supply OEM service for clients, For each order Bump cap can be with embroidery logo. looking trust bump
cap supplier? we are your first choice. Request a quote first by below button now.

Our Products

You can choose bump cap from our style or we can design for you basis on your bump cap photos

Safety Bump Cap

Material: 100% cotton
 Insert shell: ABS
MOQ: 500 pcs

Baseball Bump Cap

Material: 100% cotton
 Insert shell: ABS
MOQ: 500 pcs

Red Bump Cap

Material: 100% cotton
 Insert shell: ABS
MOQ: 500 pcs

Reflective Bump Cap

Material: 100% cotton
 Insert shell: ABS
MOQ: 500 pcs

Mesh Bump Cap

Material: 100% cotton
 Insert shell: ABS
MOQ: 500 pcs

New style Bump Cap

Material: 100% cotton
 Insert shell: ABS
MOQ: 500 pcs

Why Choose Us

More than 10 years production experience in China, The bump cap produce accord to EN standard to keep quality good

+10 years export experience

We have experience to produce each order good basis on your requirements.

Mini order quantity available

Your can purchase mini order quantity 500 pcs for each order.

Fast delivery for each order

We can done each order for you in 20 days, for small order can be done in 10 days.

Embroidery logo available

OEM service is available, we produce with your own logo on cap and packing.

Free sample is available for you to check to check our bump cap quality, just send us inquiry to ask.

Clients Testimonials

You can check our long time cooperate clients comments about our produces and servies.

"It is really very good quality for each bump cap, for mass production quality keep same with sample i received."
Via Dawn Hyde
"It is nearly 5 years for we cooperate with Mr Arlen, each order is delivery on time for my sales plan."
Via Androulidaki Hara

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the frequently asked question from below. if it has not your question, you can direct email to us.

1. Can I request a sample to check quality?

Yes, you can request a bump cap sample, we can free for one or two pcs, but it will need your side to undertake the air freight charges.

3. Can i place one order in small quantity?

Yes, for our mini order quantity can be 500 pcs per style per color, if we have stock, even 100 pcs/style is available for your order .

2. Can I add my own logo on the bump cap?

Yes, we supply OEM services for clients. you can add your own logo on the bump cap, For embroidery logo is available but it will have charges for logo cost.

4. Can you arrange delivery for my order?

Yes, We can provides you with delivery services, we have professional forwarder to arrange ship booking, delivery, custom clearance for you.

Get in Touch

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Below is our company address and contact information, you can contact with us by different method. 
No. 10 Hanghai Road, Guancheng district
Zhengzhou 450000, China

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86 18638608485 (whatsapp)
Wechat: 18638608485
Working: Mon to Sat – 9:00am to 6:00pm (Sunday Closed)

Buyer's Guide for Safety Bump Cap

The Ultimate Guide of bump cap type, function, standard and feature.

What is bump cap? 

Bump cap is a type of safety equipment that provides protection for the head. Bump caps can be contrasted with “hard hats,” which refer to PPE head protection certified to provide a large degree of protection to workers, bump cap is a lightweight hard hat using a simplified suspension or padding and a chin strap. Bump cap material mostly use is 100% twill cotton fabric  or 65% polyester  35% cotton fabric, it is comfortable using by such fabric. it has one insert ABS material shell which to protect for user.

Bump caps are a form of personal protective equipment (PPE); however, they are not used for situations in which an employer faces an obligation to provide employees with head protection for the purpose of avoiding serious injury. Rather, they are used to provide head protection in low-risk situations to reduce exposure to lacerations, abrasions, and other injuries such as minor bumps to the head.  Bump cap is designed to provide comfortable, lightweight protection against worker-generated impact.

What is difference between hard hat &bump cap?

Bump caps protect against small impacts that a worker may incur when bumping into or knocking against a stationary object, while hard hats offer additional protection against falling or moving objects.

Bump caps are designed for small lacerations or bumps where the wearer comes into contact with the hazard. It’s a very basic protection that won’t provide the same level of protection against impacts that a normal industrial hard hat would.

The difference in the level of protection is due to how bump caps and hard hats are made. A bump cap is made from an injection molded plastic shell that is generally encased in an outer cap or hat that provides sun protection and holds the shell in place, allowing it to be fastened to the head. Hard hats are injection molded from more durable plastics and are designed with an inner harness system made from plastic and webbing that provides significant protection by reducing the force of the impact through to the wearer.

What is standard for bump cap?

bump caps are subject to their own specific safety certification requirements. For instance, in Europe, a bump cap must meet requirements laid out under Europe’s EN 812:2012 standard. The requirements set out in these standards are still not recognized by European health and safety agencies as providing sufficient protection for cases where a hard hat would be required. Whether or not employees should be required to wear bump caps is therefore a determination that employers must make as part of their workplace hazard assessment process.

What are bump cap inserts?

bump cap inserts can be placed inside any regular baseball cap, essentially turning your favorite hat into head protection. Many times, workers (like cable/dish technicians, for example) are already wearing hats – either their own or as part of a uniform. Inserts are a low-cost, unobtrusive way to offer a level of protection against the bumps, scrapes and bruises they’re guaranteed to initiate themselves from time to time. Just like traditional safety bump caps, there’s a wide variance in fit, comfort and performance, so take the time to compare your options. Ideally, the insert is designed with a lightweight, breathable, flexible shell and a customizable trim feature to accommodate all styles of caps – low or high-profile—so that it’s truly universal.

What is bump cap application?

  • Airline workers
  • In-home service employees
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Food Processing
  • Construction&farm
  • Merchanies

Where to find the right bump cap supplier?

For the bump cap purchase, if you only buy few piece for your self or for your workers, you can directly to buy it on Amazon site or ebay site if your are whole sale of bump cap or importer of bump cap, you can purchase them from China bump cap manufacturer. Anbu safety is one professional bump cap manufacturer&supplier in China, you can purchase any style you interest. you can ass your own logo or brand on the bump cap. so it keep your company looks more professional.

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