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Anbu Coverall which was established in 2008, is a premier manufacturer of different types of boiler suits, work suits, cotton coverall, work pants, bib pants ,work shirt, FR coveralls, nomex boiler suits and many more.

As one professional boiler suit manufacturer, we have qualified designer and dedicated QC team which is responsible for 100% on-line products inspection to ensure best quality. Our innovative clothing designers and experienced workers are available at your request to ensure fast sample preparation.

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Fire resistant boiler suit Offer Full Body Coverage To Protect Workers And Sensitive Electronics From fire environment.
This fire resistant boiler suit made of 100% cotton 240gsm flame retardant fabric, and can meet EN 11612, NFPA2112 and other standards.

MOQ: 500pcs

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We can guarantee you fast delivery time for each order, Your can receive it in guarantee time soon.

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We are one professional OEM fire resistant coverall suppliers experience more than 10 years

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We are directly boiler suit manufacturer in china which can give you competitive price for your sales

Good Quality

We have CE EN certificate and NFPA 2112 certificate which guarantee FR coverall good quality


"It is nearly 5 years for we cooperate with Mr Arlen, each order is delivery on time for my sales plan.we care not just goods quality but also good delivery for each order we placed"
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Your trustly boiler suit manufacturers in China

We have our own professional designer which can design any style you interesting

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EN ISO11612

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Buyer's Guide For Boiler Suit

The Ultimate Guide of FR coverall type, function, standard and application.

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The Complete Guide for Boiler Suit


Boiler suits look more or less like jumpsuits. A boiler suit is made of one piece of garment and has full-length legs and sleeves with no gap between trousers and jacket and no loose tails. It is usual for a boiler suit to have large pockets on the sides to hold tools.  

Legally, boiler suits aren’t considered as part of personal protective equipment (PPE), but many people have declared that they fit for use as PPE. This is because boiler suits provide protection and comfort, depending on the tasks or jobs to be carried out.

Quite simply, the intention of putting on boiler suits is to keep the wearers clean from spills and dirt while at work. That’s why they have become very popular with decorators, painters, farmers, mechanics, and carpenters, among others.

Features of The Boiler Suit:

Some of the outstanding features of boiler suits are that they are waterproof, flame retardant, chemical resistant, and are highly visible.

Boiler suits come in a variety of fabrics and styles that you can choose from. The choice of the fabric or style of a boiler suit depends on the nature of the work. There are five types of boiler suits:

  • Fire resistant boiler suit
  • Usual cotton boiler suit
  • Disposable boiler suit
  • Insulated boiler suit
  • Waterproof boiler suit

If you are working on a very messy job, you can choose the disposable boiler suits which you only put on once and dispose of. Insulated boiler suits are great if you are working during the winter, while waterproof boiler suits can serve you well on rainy days.

Boiler suits have also become a fashion trend, and some people put them on just because of their attractiveness. That’s why we now have seasonal boiler suits that fit various seasons throughout the year.

Why Boiler Suits Are Important To Use in Construction Sites

Construction workers modify, renovate, maintain, repair, build, and demolish airports, docks, bridges, roads, houses, and more. They can also be involved in the cleaning of hazardous waste from construction sites. While at work, they get involved in abrasive blasting, welding, driving forklifts, excavations, and cuttings.

These construction workers get exposed to both physical and chemical hazards in the course of their work.  That’s why they need to wear boiler suits for protection purposes. Some of the hazards they get exposed to include noise, pressure, radiation, electricity, falling objects, vibrations, trips, slips, and falls, just to mention a few. Those who work during the winter also get exposed to extreme cold conditions that would necessitate putting on boiler suits.

How to use and wear it properly

A boiler suit should be worn over ordinary clothes. Their sleeves and legs should be long enough to cover these cloths and also your body. Ensure the legs go over your shoes. This is because in case of any spillage, the liquid does not go into your shoes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Boiler Suits

As stated earlier, there are a variety of boiler suits in the market today. They differ in design and also in the fabric used in making them. Before you buy a boiler suit, consider the following factors:

1: The Nature of Your Job

The nature of your job and the purpose which the boiler suit will serve are perhaps the main factors you should consider before buying a boiler suit. If you just want something to keep dust away and keep you clean, there are many lightweight, casual varieties in the market that you can pick.

However, if you are working in a very dirty environment, maybe you are a mason or a mechanic, you can choose a boiler suit that’s a bit tough to protect you, not only from the dirt but also from injuries. If dirt isn’t much of an issue, for example, if you are a carpenter, you may just choose a boiler suit with many storage options and pockets to keep your tools within easy reach.

Some companies require that all employees be in boiler suits. In such a case, any type of boiler suits recommended by the management will suffice, and you’ll have to put it on whether you are working in a clean environment. Those working in hospitals and other health facilities prefer white boiler suits as a symbol of cleanliness.

2: The Hazards You Might Face

The choice of your boiler suit depends on the hazards you are likely to face at your workplace. If your work involves dealing with fire, chemicals, or oil, your level of risk will be higher than a person working in a textile factory, for example. This means you’ll need more protection.

The type of boiler suit you’ll need is not the same as that which a textile factory worker will need. You’ll need a fire-resistant boiler suit that offers protection against flames and chemicals to keep you comfortable and safe while working.  This is also the case when you are working in a laboratory or a chemical manufacturing plant.

3: Consider Your Environment

Before you buy a boiler suit, think about the environment in which you’ll be using it. Will you be working outdoors or indoors? Whether indoors or outdoors, will it be hot or cold? These and many other questions should be taken into consideration.

If you are working at night or in low light conditions, you may need a highly visible boiler suit, unless you want to camouflage for security issues. If you are working outside in cold and rainy weather, you will need a warm and waterproof boiler suit. We even have freezer wear suits that can protect you against an extremely cold weather condition.

 If you are working in a hot environment, you’ll need a lightweight boiler suit, so you don’t sweat a lot and become dehydrated. You also need a reflective boiler suit if you are working in a sunny environment to protect you against sun rays.

4: Choose High-quality Boiler Suit

Quality is a factor that matters a lot when it comes to buying a boiler suit. Boiler suits cost money, and you would not want to keep replacing your torn or worn our boiler suits. You want something that can serve you longer and still maintain its quality and functionality.

A high-quality boiler suit may cost more at the time of purchase, but it will pay off in the long run. Apart from serving your longer, it will also provide you with better protection from harsh conditions and chemicals.

5: Get the right size: Boiler suits are usually designed to fit the chest. This means, if you want to get the size that fits you, then you should know your chest size. Measure the full part of your chest while wearing a thin T-shirt or just on your skin – this measurement should give you the right size of boiler suit to choose.

You can only increase the size a bit if you like to wear thick garments under the boiler suit. Generally, boiler suits are in three categories: small, medium, and large. You should at least get a size that fits you well. It is better to go for a size that’s a bit large than one that fits tightly.

Considering the leg length, there are regular leg lengths and tall leg lengths. The boiler suits with regular leg lengths fit on most people (more than 90% of people). If your legs are longer, go for the long-legged boiler suits.

6: Features That You Look For

Boiler suits have different features. Even the positions and the number of pockets also vary. Ensure you pick a boiler suit with features that fit the use you want to put it into. Ask yourself under what conditions you will be using the boiler suit, what tools you’ll need, how many pockets you will need, and how the pockets should be positioned so you can access the tools easily. You can also opt for a hooded or a hood-less boiler suit depending on the nature of your work.

Reasons Why You Need a Boiler Suit

Boiler suits come in a variety of designs to serve different purposes. Some of the reasons why you need a boiler suit include:

  • They make you feel comfortable while working
  • They make you more efficient because they provide you with protection against injuries hence you’ll be confident in your work
  • They provide you with protection against dirt and spillage
  • The clothes you wear under the boiler suit are protected against chemicals and dirt particles

Benefits of Using Boiler Suits 

When we talk about the benefits of using boiler suits, what might easily come into your mind is their protective aspect. However, there are other benefits of using boilers suits other than to provide protection. These benefits include:

1: Promoting your company brand

You can have some branded boiler suits to help promote the image of your company. Boiler suits get recognized more than ordinary clothes. When you organize a public event for your staff and have them put on the branded boiler suits, they will appear unique and will stand out from the crowd. This works well if the boiler suits are a requirement in your company.

2: As a Customer Care Exercise

Customers need to know that they are cared for. When they come visiting, it’s good to provide them with some boiler suits to put on. You wouldn’t expect a customer to feel comfortable walking in a factory or construction site in their ordinary clothes. Providing them with boiler suits shows you care and will promote your sales.

3: Corporate social responsibility

When you organize charity days or cleaning events to give back to the community. Your staff cannot use their ordinary clothes because they’ll out working in the field. You’ll need to provide them with boiler suits. If these suits are branded, people will easily identify which company is offering the services. This will benefit you a lot in terms of marketing your company.


Question: What are boiler suits?

Answer: Boiler suits are loose-fitting garments that cover the whole body except the feet, hands, and the head. They are typically worn over ordinary clothing to protect them against dirt and damage.

Question: What are boiler suits made of?

Answer: The material used to make a boiler suit depends on the level of protection the suit is expected to provide. For that reason, boilers suit are made of a variety of materials including nylon, denim, cotton, polycotton, paper, etc. Some are also made of fire-resistant materials.

Question: What is the Difference between Boiler Suits, Overalls, and Coveralls?

Answer:  Boiler suits aren’t different from coveralls. The names describe the same thing. They are both one-piece garments that are used in dirty and hazardous environments. They have elasticated flexible waistbands between their bottoms and top for good fitting.

On the other hand, overalls are loose strap garments with bibs. They are made of light materials and do not offer any protection to the arms.

Question: How to identify High-quality boiler suits?

Answer: High-quality boiler suits are made of durable materials. The thickness of the material used can be an indication as to whether the boiler suit is of high-quality or not. Thick materials tend to withstand the effects of wear and tear than thin materials.

Question: What are the types of boiler suits?

Answer: There are four types of boiler suits:  Waterproof boiler suits, disposable boiler suits, hooded boiler suits, and insulated boiler suits.

Question: What are the standard size of boiler suits?

Answer: Standard boiler suits can withstand the harsh conditions in factories, yet they are comfortable to wear. Most of them are made from polycotton and undergo minimal shrinkage during use. The standard sizes include S (38″), M (40″), L (42″), XL (44″), XXL (46″), and XXXL (48″).

Question: How to find a good boiler suit manufacturer?

Answer: You can find a good boiler suit manufacturer through referral by friends or family. You should also check that the manufacturer is experienced, reputable, certified, and licensed. Anbu coverall are one manufacturer of boiler suits which more than 10 years experience, they can do OEM services for your boiler suits order.

Question: Are boiler suits available in different colors?

Answer: Boiler suits are available in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, orange, navy, olive, black, green, etc.

Question: Why do some people refer to boiler suits as jumpsuit?

Answer: Boiler suits just look like jumpsuits, but they are not jumpsuits.

Question: What jobs wear boiler suits?

Answer: Boiler suits are worn by people from different careers, including bricklayers, painters& decorators, maintenance engineers, factory workers, electricians, general laborers, chemical workers, rail workers, etc.

Question: Can boiler suit be in fashion?

Answer: Sure. They provide striking looks not found with ordinary pants or dresses.


Boiler suit have so many benefits that it’s quite difficult to imagine how life would be without them. The fact that they come in different designs, styles, and colors means that they can serve you, no matter your needs.

Boiler suits aren’t only intended to be used at workplaces, and you can also use them at home when undertaking your day-to-day chores. They are important if you have to carry out some menial jobs at home. In case you cannot have a ready-made boiler suit that fits you well, you can have one custom-made for you after your measurements have been taken.

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