Fire Resistant Coveralls

Fire Resistant Coveralls – What You Need to Know

Recent studies indicate that explosions, fires, and flame-related accidents are significant sources of workplace injuries. With their high fatality rate, thermal injuries concern a lot of employers. Standard PPE (personal protective equipment) is always essential for your safety as a worker. Especially in environments where you face the risk of flames, excess heat, or combustible

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workwear labels

8 Different Types of Labels Used in Workwear

Your garment line is like your baby. And you want to name your baby. Yes, that is exactly what we are going to discuss today- “Labels Used in Workwear”. Labelling your Garment is a very important part of starting your brand as it is one of the first things that is going to create an

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custom scrubs

How to make your medical custom scrubs from China

Scrubs are sanitary attire used by hospital employees such as nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel. They’re merely intended to reduce the number of areas where pollutants can hide. When it comes to scrubs, there are many types of fabrics to choose from. Most scrubs are made of 100%  cotton or polyester& spandex. The reason

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