8 Facts About Nomex Coveralls That Will Impress You

8 Facts About Nomex Coveralls That Will Impress You
8 Facts About Nomex Coveralls That Will Impress You

You may have come across the name Nomex coveralls, or it’s just your first time.

Yeah, the good tidings of Nomex coverall have kept you amazed, but there is still more!!

It’s like your worst imagination of a workday!! Your boss calls on your day off, talking about some emergency you need to process. So you put on your usual work coveralls and hurry to the factory.

Just as you’re rounding up your orders, fire breaks out at a faulty machine leaving you trapped. There’s no other escape route for you and your colleagues than through the fire. You all manage to make it out safely. But, oh no, your clothes are on fire.

However, your work coveralls are Nomex coveralls. So, as soon as you’re clear of the burning factory, the fire dies all by itself. How cool is that? Eh?

In this article, we’ll give you more information on why and how your Nomex suit is the way it is. And the best part? You’ll learn about more cool stuff regarding Nomex clothing.

What Are Nomex Coveralls?

What Are Nomex Coveralls

Nomex coverall refers to any garment constructed with the trademark Nomex fabric.

The Nomex fabric was first used in designing FR coveralls for race car drivers. Nowadays, FR Nomex coveralls are worn by firefighters and factory workers. You can also find Army Nomex coveralls used by military pilots and personnel.

Dr. William Sweeney developed the Nomex fabric in the world-renowned Dupont laboratory while researching polymers. As well as Nomex, Dupont has also introduced nylon and Kevlar fabrics.

Nomex has become an essential ingredient in making the available fire-resistant (FR) clothing. Since its introduction in 1967, Nomex FR clothing has saved many lives in the firefighting, military, manufacturing, and racecar industries.

Nomex is an artificial fabric that is inherently flame resistant. It is composed of naturally fire-resistant materials. That makes your Nomex jumpsuit a type of FR coverall.

Currently, Nomex coveralls come in different compositions. First, there’s the pure Nomex garment and the more common Nomex IIIA. The Nomex IIIA is a mixture of 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar, and 2% anti-static fabric.

Why is Nomex Coverall A Necessary Piece Of Clothing?

Nomex, usually the main fabric in your Nomex work coverall, is a meta-aromatic polyamide. As such, it has lower tensile strength than Kevlar material(a para-aramid). However, it offers sufficient resistance to heat, chemicals, and radiation.

Furthermore, the inherent protection of Nomex fibers means you cannot wash it away or wear it out. This reliable property makes it the first choice for emergency responders, military troops, police officers, scientists, and industrial workers.

With the Nomex IIIA, you get the combined high tensile strength and hazard resistance of the Kevlar and Nomex materials. Also, the astatic fabric takes care of any contact electricity residue on the fabric’s surface.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nomex Coveralls

1. Prices are higher, but costs lower:

Indeed, the Nomex coverall price is usually a premium. However, you don’t realize that every dollar spent on a Nomex work coverall goes into maintaining and replacing FR coveralls.

2. Very poor conductor

Unlike everyday FR clothing, your Nomex jumpsuit fights against heat and electricity. You could almost deem it a perfect insulator. So, it protects you from electrical hazards and keeps you cool in fiery situations.

3. The chemistry is all right

Chemically, the Nomex fabric is an aromatic polyamide. It means you have rings of atoms in chains of molecules. It is also a polymer, a giant molecule with multiples of a basic unit (monomer). These all add up to make up an artificial fabric with solid fibers.

4. No melting, no dripping

Unlike other artificial fabrics like polyester, your Nomex suit will not melt or drip liquids when it burns. The jaw-dropping feature above makes Nomex coverall useful as an undergarment or a regular work coverall.

5. Wash without fear

Nomex coveralls are so durable. Industrial launderers estimate that they may endure up to 125 wash cycles and use them for five years. You gain all this without compromising the protection, shape, and professional appearance of the garment.

6. You’ll remain cool near fires

There’s one more great trait of Nomex clothing. While you’re moving towards the fire, you’ll feel hot. But near flames, your Nomex suit is designed to keep you cool. You experience this because Nomex resists heat just as much as the visible flames.

7. It looks bulky but feels light

Historically, FR clothing was not appealing due to its weight and overall bulk. However, in recent times, modifications have brought about Nomex lightweight coveralls. These ensure you can move better during work activities.

8. A brilliant piece of clothing

Usually, you would expect your clothes to burn when exposed to an ignition source. But not Nomex coveralls. In intense heat, the fabric thickens to create a protective layer over your skin.

Quick Takeaway

Why wear a Nomex work coverall? We say why not.

Nomex coveralls are one of the most innovative pieces of personal protective equipment. When you think of PPE, you’ll do no better than these FR reflective coveralls.

Remember to check the Nomex coverall size chart before you buy a Nomex suit. You need to always PPE in the appropriate sizes. And make sure you’re getting Nomex coveralls with reflective stripes if you work in low light conditions.

Frequent Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How Long Do Nomex Coveralls Last?

A. Industrial washers predict a working period of five years with regular washing and reuse. Also, Nomex coveralls can withstand up to five times more washing cycles than standard FR coveralls.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Nomex And FR?

A. Nomex is a brand name for a flame-resistant fabric developed by the Dupont company. You’ll find it widely employed in various industries for its resistance to multiple hazards.

FR means fire- or flame-resistance/retardance. It refers to materials that naturally withstand high heat conditions or undergo chemical treatment to resist flames.

Q. Is Nomex Expensive?

A. Yes. With Nomex, though, you get more value for money relative to lower-cost options.

Q. Is Nomex Polyester?

A. Not in the least bit. It’s just another synthetic fabric like polyester, but with higher heat resistance. For more proof, watch the Nomex vs Polyester test that Dupont carries out on their trademark Thermo Man.

Q. Does Nomex Degrade?

A. No. Nomex is a non-biodegradable fiber material. Nonetheless, when exposed to temperatures of 700°F (370°C), your Nomex clothing will rapidly degrade.

Q. Is Nomex Toxic?

A. No, though your Nomex coveralls may release irritating or offensive gases when burning. Still, they pose no severe environmental concerns while you’re facing hazards.

Q. Can You Wash Nomex?

A. Yes. Be sure, though, to wash your Nomex clothing separately from all other kinds of outfits. You can also wash with regular household laundry detergent, just not bleach or fabric softeners. Most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for specific clothing.


Nomex coveralls are a standout option when you’re choosing PPE. Apart from its brand name, the Nomex fabric has been tried, tested, and has come out true. And we’ve been able to establish why.

We hope that we’ve been able to inform you enough of the superpowers of your Nomex jumpsuit. So, continue trusting Nomex and let others know too.

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